Indirect Unvented Cylinders

Here at PlumbNation, we provide an extensive range of Indirect Unvented Cylinders, perfect for both commercial and domestic properties. Used to provide heated water in your bathroom and kitchen, cylinders are an integral part of your home. Unvented cylinders work off the mains pressure water in your property, which often results in a better flow of hot water.

These indirect unvented cylinders are cleverly designed to store and supply hot water throughout your property by heating your water using your heating system. By using the heating system already in your property, an indirect unvented cylinder saves valuable storage space, ideal for buildings with limited space.

Discover our collection of indirect unvented cylinders below, boasting a variety of capacities and sizes to suit everyone. 

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  2. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-150l-indirect-standard-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 150L Indirect Standard Cylinder - TCEMVI-0150LFB

  3. joule-invacyl-standard-in-direct-unvented-cylinder-90-litre-stainless-steel-trbmvi-0090lfc

    Joule Invacyl Standard In-Direct Unvented Cylinder 90 Litre - Stainless Steel - TRBMVI-0090LFC

  4. joule-invacyl-unvented-120l-indirect-cylinder-standard-trbmvi-0120lfb

    Joule Invacyl Unvented 120L Indirect Cylinder Standard-TRBMVI-0120LFB

  5. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-125l-indirect-standard-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 125L Indirect Standard Cylinder - TCEMVI-0125LFB

  6. joule-cyclone-unvented-170l-indirect-standard-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Unvented 170L Indirect Standard Cylinder - TCEMVI-0170LFB

  7. main-indirect-unvented-120l-hot-water-cylinder

    Main Indirect Unvented 120L Hot Water Cylinder - 5133561

  8. joule-cyclone-unvented-200l-indirect-standard-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Unvented 200L Indirect Standard Cylinder - TCEMVI-0200LFC

    Was £ 681.04

    Save 8%

    £ 623.95

    In Stock
  9. main-indirect-unvented-150l-hot-water-cylinder

    Main Indirect Unvented 150L Hot Water Cylinder - 5133562

  10. main-indirect-unvented-170l-hot-water-cylinder

    Main Indirect Unvented 170L Hot Water Cylinder - 5133563

    Was £ 745.08

    Save 11%

    £ 665.23

    11 In Stock
  11. joule-invacyl-unvented-150l-indirect-cylinder-standard-trbmvi-0150lfb

    Joule Invacyl Unvented 150L Indirect Cylinder Standard-TRBMVI-0150LFB

  12. main-indirect-unvented-210l-hot-water-cylinder

    Main Indirect Unvented 210L Hot Water Cylinder - 5133564

    Was £ 769.18

    Save 11%

    £ 686.28

    35 In Stock
  13. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-200l-indirect-short-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 200L Indirect Short Cylinder - TCEMVI-0200NFC

  14. joule-invacyl-unvented-180l-indirect-cylinder-standard-trbmvi-0180lfb

    Joule Invacyl Unvented 180L Indirect Cylinder Standard-TRBMVI-0180LFB

    Was £ 815.28

    Save 15%

    £ 693.00

    In Stock
  15. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-250l-indirect-standard-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 250L Indirect Standard Cylinder - TCEMVI-0250LFC

  16. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-250l-indirect-short-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 250L Indirect Short Cylinder - TCEMVI-0250NFC

  17. joule-invacyl-unvented-210l-indirect-cylinder-standard-trbmvi-0210lfc

    Joule Invacyl Unvented 210L Indirect Cylinder Standard - TRBMVI-0210LFC

  18. joule-invacyl-unvented-250l-indirect-cylinder-standard-trbmvi-0250lfc

    Joule Invacyl Unvented 250L Indirect Cylinder Standard-TRBMVI-0250LFC

  19. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-300l-indirect-short-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 300L Indirect Short Cylinder - TCEMVI-0300NFC

  20. worcester-green-storage-wb-90-litre-unvented-cylinder

    Worcester Green Storage WB 90 Litre Unvented Cylinder - 7733601298

  21. worcester-green-storage-wb-120-litre-unvented-cylinder

    Worcester Green Storage WB 120 Litre Unvented Cylinder

  22. worcester-green-storage-wb-150-litre-unvented-cylinder

    Worcester Green Storage WB 150 Litre Unvented Cylinder

  23. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-150l-indirect-slim-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 150L Indirect Slim Cylinder - TCEMVI-0150SFC

  24. fabdec-excelsior-i-3s-80l-indirect-unvented-cylinder

    Fabdec Excelsior i 3S 80L Indirect Unvented Cylinder - WXI-0080-C1-AG

  25. main-indirect-unvented-250l-hot-water-cylinder

    Main Indirect Unvented 250L Hot Water Cylinder - 5135327

  26. joule-invacyl-unvented-300l-indirect-cylinder-standard-trbmvi-0300lfc

    Joule Invacyl Unvented 300L Indirect Cylinder Standard-TRBMVI-0300LFC

    Was £ 928.46

    Save 11%

    £ 828.96

    In Stock
  27. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-120l-indirect-slim-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 120L Indirect Slim Cylinder - TCEMVI-0125SFC

  28. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-300l-indirect-tall-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 300L Indirect Tall Cylinder - TCEMVI-0300LFD

  29. warmflow-nero-indirect-110-litre-unvented-cylinder-in110uv

    Warmflow Nero Indirect 110 Litre Unvented Cylinder - IN110UV

  30. joule-cyclone-platinum-unvented-170l-indirect-slim-cylinder

    Joule Cyclone Platinum Unvented 170L Indirect Slim Cylinder - TCEMVI-0170SFC

  31. worcester-green-storage-wb-210-litre-unvented-cylinder

    Worcester Green Storage WB 210 Litre Unvented Cylinder

  32. joule-invacyl-slimline-in-direct-unvented-cylinder-90-litre-stainless-steel-trbmvi-0090sfc

    Joule Invacyl Slimline In-Direct Unvented Cylinder 90 Litre - Stainless Steel - TRBMVI-0090SFC

  33. vaillant-unistor-150l-standard-indirect-unvented-hot-water-cylinder

    Vaillant uniSTOR 150l Standard Indirect Unvented Hot Water Cylinder - 0020235266

  34. joule-invacyl-slimline-in-direct-unvented-cylinder-120-litre-stainless-steel-trbmvi-0120sfc

    Joule Invacyl Slimline In-Direct Unvented Cylinder 120 Litre - Stainless Steel - TRBMVI-0120SFC

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