Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors are a popular choice when it comes to bathroom renovations and shower cubicle installations. The height of simplicity it features a fixed panel for which the sliding shower screen slides seamlessly when opened. When opened, you'll have more significant space to both enter and exit your shower enclosure compared with a pivot door installation. This innovative design means that there is no clearance space necessary, perfect for those who like to enjoy a more luxurious showering experience. If it's minimalism that you're looking for, then frameless sliding shower panels create a stripped-back airiness that combines the illusion of light and space, while acting as a stunning centrepiece to your bathroom.

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  2. hydrolux-4mm-sliding-shower-door-1000mm

    Hydrolux 4mm Sliding Shower Door 1000mm

  3. hydrolux-4mm-sliding-shower-door-1200mm

    Hydrolux 4mm Sliding Shower Door 1200mm

    Was £ 169.00

    Save 5%

    £ 159.92

    Expected - 03/01/24
  4. hydrolux-sliding-shower-door-1200mm-with-1200-x-800mm-tray-4mm

    Hydrolux Sliding Shower Door 1200mm with 1200 x 800mm Tray - 4mm

  5. mira-elevate-sliding-shower-door-1150mm-21814010

    Mira Elevate Sliding Shower Door - 1150mm - 2.1814.010

  6. mira-elevate-sliding-shower-door-1200mm-21814011

    Mira Elevate Sliding Shower Door - 1200mm - 2.1814.011

  7. mira-leap-1600mm-double-slider-shower-panel-kit-only

    Mira Leap 1600mm Double Slider Shower Panel Kit Only - 1.1857.257

  8. mira-leap-1200mm-single-sliding-door

    Mira Leap 1200mm Single Sliding Door - 1.1857.254

    Was £ 467.98

    Save 6%

    £ 440.77

    Expected - 15/12/23