Electric Combi Boilers

Electric combi boilers work in a similar fashion to gas combi boilers, only they run directly on electricity as opposed to natural gas. Consequently, electric boilers are becoming increasingly popular for new build flats or smaller properties that do not have a mains gas supply. As well as being exceptionally reliable, they are highly efficient with rates around 99% compared to 89-95% for most gas boilers. With no moving parts, electric combi storage boilers are incredibly quiet and do not require annual servicing, keeping maintenance at a minimum. Despite being larger than a standard electric flow boiler, the electric storage boiler makes use of an additional built-in tank, that is both space saving and provides powerful mains pressure for showering and bathing.

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  2. trianco-aztec-mini-12kw-electric-combination-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 12kW Electric Combination Boiler

  3. trianco-aztec-mini-8kw-electric-combination-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 8kW Electric Combination Boiler

  4. trianco-aztec-mini-10kw-electric-combination-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 10kW Electric Combination Boiler

  5. astro-12kw-electric-combi-boiler-v2

    EHC Fusion Astro 12kW Electric Combi Boiler V2

  6. ehc-mercury-144kw-electric-combi-boiler

    EHC Mercury 14.4kW Electric Combi Boiler

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    £ 1399.99

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  7. ehc-mercury-12kw-electric-combi-boiler

    EHC Mercury 12kW Electric Combi Boiler

  8. facelift-fusion-astro-144kw-electric-combination-boiler-v2

    EHC Fusion Astro 14.4kW Electric Combi Boiler V2

  9. facelift-fusion-astro-24kw-electric-combination-boiler-v2

    EHC Fusion Astro 24kW 3-Phase Electric Combi Boiler V2

  10. ehc-astro-18kw-3-phase-electric-combination-boiler

    EHC Astro 18kW 3 Phase Electric Combination Boiler

  11. facelift-fusion-astro-30kw-3-phase-electric-combination-boiler-v2

    EHC Fusion Astro 30kW 3-Phase Electric Combi Boiler V2

  12. ehc-astro-24kw-3-phase-electric-combination-boiler

    EHC Astro 24kW 3 Phase Electric Combination Boiler

  13. ehc-mercury-19kw-electric-combi-boiler

    EHC Mercury 19kW Electric Combi Boiler

  14. ehc-mercury-26kw-electric-combi-boiler

    EHC Mercury 26kW Electric Combi Boiler

  15. trianco-aztec-maxi-12kw-electric-combination-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Maxi 12kw Electric Combination Boiler - 4074

  16. trianco-aztec-maxi-8kw-electric-combination-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Maxi 8kw Electric Combination Boiler - 4072

  17. trianco-aztec-maxi-10kw-electric-combination-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Maxi 10kw Electric Combination Boiler - 4073

  18. ehc-comet-144kw-electric-combination-boiler

    EHC Comet 14.4kW Electric Combination Boiler - EHCCECB15

  19. ehc-comet-12kw-electric-combination-boiler

    EHC Comet 12kW Electric Combination Boiler - EHCCECB12

  20. ehc-comet-9kw-electric-combination-boiler

    EHC Comet 9kW Electric Combination Boiler - EHCCECB9

  21. advance-appliances-stainless-steel-210l-electric-combination-boiler

    Advance Appliances Stainless Steel 210L 9kW Electric Combination Boiler - ECB 210