Electric Flow Boilers

Electric flow heating boilers work in a similar fashion to gas boilers, only they run directly on electricity as opposed to natural gas. Consequently, these electric boilers are becoming increasingly popular for new build flats or smaller properties that do not have a mains gas supply. As well as being exceptionally reliable, they are highly efficient with rates around 99% compared to 89-95% for most gas boilers. With no moving parts, electric flow boilers are incredibly quiet and do not require annual servicing, keeping maintenance at a minimum. Despite being designed for smaller properties, electric flow boilers are exceptionally compact and can be installed within a cupboard area alongside a hot water cylinder out of site. Browse our selection of the latest electric flow heating boilers available on the market today.

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  2. trianco-aztec-plus-6kw-electric-regular-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Plus 6kW Electric Regular Boiler - 4061

  3. trianco-aztec-plus-10kw-electric-regular-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Plus 10kW Electric Regular Boiler - 4062

    Was £ 598.79

    Save 19%

    £ 484.39

    In Stock
  4. trianco-aztec-classic-tri-6kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Classic TRI 6kW Electric Flow Boiler - 4001

  5. trianco-aztec-plus-12kw-electric-regular-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Plus 12kW Electric Regular Boiler - 4063

    Was £ 682.28

    Save 13%

    £ 594.79

    In Stock
  6. heatrae-sadia-amptec-electric-flow-boilers

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec 4kW Electric Flow Boilers - 95022001

  7. trianco-aztec-classic-tri-9kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Classic TRI 9kW Electric Flow Boiler - 4002

  8. heatrae-sadia-amptec-electric-flow-boilers-underfloor

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec 4kW Electric Flow Boilers Underfloor - 95022101

  9. heatrae-sadia-amptec-u601-6kw-electric-flow-boiler-underfloor

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec U601 6kW Electric Flow Boiler Underfloor - 95022102

  10. heatrae-sadia-amptec-c600-6kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec C600 6kW Electric Flow Boiler - 95022002

  11. ehc-slim-jim-electric-flow-boilers

    EHC Slim Jim 4kW Electric Flow Boiler

    Was £ 763.99

    Save 9%

    £ 698.98

    In Stock
  12. trianco-aztec-classic-tri-12kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Classic TRI 12kW Electric Flow Boiler - 4004

  13. trianco-aztec-classic-tri-11kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Classic TRI 11kW Electric Flow Boiler - 4003

  14. ferroli-leb-ts-9kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Ferroli LEB TS 9kW Electric Flow Boiler - GCFO10EA

  15. slim-jim-7kw-electric-flow-boiler

    EHC Slim Jim 7kW Electric Flow Boiler EHCSJIM7KW

  16. ehc-slim-jim-12kw-electric-flow-boiler-ehcsjim12kw

    EHC Slim Jim 12KW Electric Flow Boiler EHCSJIM12KW

  17. ehc-10kw-slim-jim-120l-direct-cylinder-package

    EHC Slim Jim 10kW Electric Flow Boiler EHCSJIM10KW

  18. ehc-slim-jim-144kw-electric-flow-boiler-ehcsjim144kw

    EHC Slim Jim 14.4KW Electric Flow Boiler EHCSJIM14.4KW

  19. heatrae-sadia-amptec-c900-9kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec C900 9kW Electric Flow Boiler - 95022003

  20. trianco-aztec-mini-8kw-electric-system-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 8kW Electric System Boiler - 4038

  21. trianco-aztec-mini-12kw-electric-system-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 12kW Electric System Boiler - 4039

  22. trianco-aztec-mini-14kw-electric-system-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 14kW Electric System Boiler - 4040

  23. heatrae-sadia-amptec-u1201-12kw-electric-flow-boiler-underfloor

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec U1201 12kW Electric Flow Boiler Underfloor - 95022105

  24. viessmann-vitotron-100-3-8kw-electric-system-boiler

    Viessmann Vitotron 100 3-8kW Electric System Boiler - Z020841

  25. heatrae-sadia-amptec-c1200-12kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec C1200 12kW Electric Flow Boiler - 95022005

  26. heatrae-sadia-amptec-c1100-11kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec C1100 11kW Electric Flow Boiler - 95022004

  27. viessmann-vitotron-100-3-8kw-electric-system-boiler-with-weather-compensator

    Viessmann Vitotron 100 3-8kW Electric System Boiler with Weather Compensator - Z020839

  28. ehc-fusion-comet-6kw-electric-system-boiler

    EHC Fusion Comet 6KW Electric System Boiler - EHCCOM6KW

  29. viessmann-vitotron-100-3-24kw-electric-system-boiler-with-weather-compensator

    Viessmann Vitotron 100 3-24kW Electric System Boiler with Weather Compensator - Z020840

  30. viessmann-vitotron-100-3-24kw-electric-system-boiler

    Viessmann Vitotron 100 3-24kW Electric System Boiler - Z020842

  31. ehc-fusion-comet-12kw-electric-system-boiler

    EHC Fusion Comet 12KW Electric System Boiler

  32. ehc-fusion-comet-144kw-electric-system-boiler

    EHC Fusion Comet 14.4KW Electric System Boiler

  33. ehc-fusion-comet-9kw-electric-system-boiler

    EHC Fusion Comet 9KW Electric System Boiler

  34. ehc-fusion-comet-23kw-electric-system-boiler

    EHC Fusion Comet 23kW Electric System Boiler - EHCCOM23KW

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