Panel Heaters

If you're looking for a sleek and efficient alternative heating solution to a central heating radiator, then look no further than our versatile range of electric panel heaters. Panel heaters are a modern plug and play unit that once switched on will deliver swift warmth that can be enjoyed in-home studies and conservatories, or less frequently used rooms in place of a standard radiator. Their slender profile not only boasts a pleasant aesthetic but minimises the chance of obstruction, giving you more freedom when it comes to utilising space effectively. Whether it's a convenience, efficiency or both, our panel heaters are sure to suit your needs.

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  2. consort-plk1-locking-kit

    Consort PLK1 Locking Kit

  3. tansun-infrared-panel-mounting-brackets

    Tansun Infrared Panel Mounting Brackets - T0064148

  4. delonghi-hsx-slim-style-double-fan-2kw-heater

    Delonghi HSX Slim Style Double Fan 2kW Heater - HSX2320

    Was £ 77.00

    Save 14%

    £ 65.97

    41 In Stock
  5. tansun-digital-smart-thermostat

    Tansun Digital Smart Thermostat - T043468

  6. atlantic-heat-f127-500w-horizontal-electric-panel-heater

    Atlantic Heat F127 500W Horizontal Electric Panel Heater - AH500101

  7. atlantic-heat-f127-750w-horizontal-electric-panel-heater

    Atlantic Heat F127 750W Horizontal Electric Panel Heater - AH500106

  8. consort-psl-wireless-controlled-075kw-panel-heater

    Consort PSL Wireless Controlled 0.75kW Panel Heater - PSL075

  9. atlantic-heat-f127-1000w-horizontal-electric-panel-heater

    Atlantic Heat F127 1000W Horizontal Electric Panel Heater - AH500103

  10. atlantic-heat-f127-1250w-horizontal-electric-panel-heater

    Atlantic Heat F127 1250W Horizontal Electric Panel Heater - AH500107

  11. atlantic-heat-cozytouch-bridge

    Atlantic Heat Cozytouch Bridge - AH001231

  12. consort-psl-wireless-controlled-1kw-panel-heater

    Consort PSL Wireless Controlled 1kW Panel Heater - PSL100

  13. atlantic-heat-f127-2000w-horizontal-electric-panel-heater

    Atlantic Heat F127 2000W Horizontal Electric Panel Heater - AH500105

  14. consort-psl-wireless-controlled-125kw-panel-heater

    Consort PSL Wireless Controlled 1.25kW Panel Heater - PSL125

  15. atlantic-heat-f127-1500w-horizontal-electric-panel-heater

    Atlantic Heat F127 1500W Horizontal Electric Panel Heater - AH500104

  16. consort-psl-wireless-controlled-05kw-panel-heater

    Consort PSL Wireless Controlled 0.5kW Panel Heater - PSL050

  17. consort-psl-wireless-controlled-15kw-panel-heaters

    Consort PSL Wireless Controlled 1.5kW Panel Heaters - PSL150

  18. consort-pve-1kw-panel-heater-with-electronic-7-day-timer

    Consort PVE 1kW Panel Heater with Electronic 7 Day Timer - PVE100

  19. consort-psl-wireless-controlled-2kw-panel-heater

    Consort PSL Wireless Controlled 2kW Panel Heater - PSL200

  20. consort-pve-15kw-panel-heater-with-electronic-7-day-timer

    Consort PVE 1.5kW Panel Heater with Electronic 7 Day Timer - PVE150

  21. stiebel-eltron-cns-75-trend-nc-panel-heater

    Stiebel Eltron CNS 75 Trend NC Panel Heater - 202002

  22. consort-ple-05kw-panel-heater-with-electronic-timer

    Consort PLE 0.5kW Panel Heater With Electronic Timer - PLE050

  23. stiebel-eltron-cns-100-trend-nc-panel-heater

    Stiebel Eltron CNS 100 Trend NC Panel Heater - 202003

  24. consort-ple-1kw-panel-heater-with-electronic-timer

    Consort PLE 1kW Panel Heater With Electronic Timer - PLE100

  25. sunhouse-eco-05kw-panel-heater

    Sunhouse Eco 0.5kW Panel Heater - SPHN50E

  26. consort-ple-15kw-panel-heater-with-electronic-timer

    Consort PLE 1.5kW Panel Heater With Electronic Timer - PLE150

  27. consort-pve-2kw-panel-heater-with-electronic-7-day-timer

    Consort PVE 2kW Panel Heater with Electronic 7 Day Timer - PVE200

  28. stiebel-eltron-cns-150-trend-nc-panel-heater

    Stiebel Eltron CNS 150 Trend NC Panel Heater - 202004

  29. creda-tpriiie-1kw-convector-panel-heater

    Creda TPRIIIE 1kW Convector Panel Heater - TPRIII100E

  30. creda-tpriiie-075kw-convector-panel-heater

    Creda TPRIIIE 0.75kW Convector Panel Heater - TPRIII075E

  31. consort-ple-2kw-panel-heater-with-electronic-timer

    Consort PLE 2kW Panel Heater With Electronic Timer - PLE200

  32. stiebel-eltron-cns-200-trend-nc-panel-heater

    Stiebel Eltron CNS 200 Trend NC Panel Heater - 202005

  33. creda-tpriiie-05kw-convector-panel-heater

    Creda TPRIIIE 0.5kW Convector Panel Heater - TPRIII050E

  34. sunhouse-eco-10kw-panel-heater

    Sunhouse Eco 1.0kW Panel Heater - SPHN100E

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