Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot shower doors provide an elegant and contemporary showering solution for corner installations and alcoves. A pivot door will require less clearance space outside the enclosure than a comparable hinged door, which naturally lends itself as an innovative space saver for bathrooms where the area is at a premium. The shower door pivot hinge does what it suggests and swings on a single set of hinges rotating the glass outwards over the bathroom floor while the smaller section moves inwards, making it easy to step in and out of the shower. With a sizeable uninterrupted panel of toughened glass, our pivot doors are great for creating space, while ensuring maximum safety for any bathroom installation.

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  2. mira-elevate-pivot-shower-door-800mm-21814002

    Mira Elevate Pivot Shower Door - 800mm - 2.1814.002

  3. hydrolux-4mm-pivot-shower-door-800mm

    Hydrolux 4mm Pivot Shower Door 800mm

  4. mira-elevate-pivot-shower-doors

    Mira Elevate Pivot Shower Doors - 2.1814.001

  5. mira-elevate-pivot-shower-door-900mm-21814003

    Mira Elevate Pivot Shower Door - 900mm - 2.1814.003

  6. mira-leap-760mm-pivot-shower-door

    Mira Leap 760mm Pivot Shower Door - 1.1857.244

    £ 441.10

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  7. mira-leap-800mm-pivot-shower-door

    Mira Leap 800mm Pivot Shower Door - 1.1857.245