Commercial Brassware

Commercial brassware is essential for a functional and effective Commercial Washroom. When it comes to durability, commercial brassware is incomparable. Commercial brassware is designed to be hardwearing without compromising on style. Commercial taps are available in a number of styles depending on your design preferences. Choose a more traditional style with pillar taps which take the form of two separate taps, one draws hot water and the other draws cold water. Or, for a more contemporary finish, Monobloc mixer taps are ideal, featuring a single built-up unit that contains one or two tap handles and one spout. These can be deck mounted on a bath or basin and can also be mounted on a work surface overhanging a countertop basin. Browse our collection of basin taps on sale at a range of prices from quality brands.

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  2. rada-sh13-spray-shower-head-white-10099602

    Rada SH13 Spray Shower Head White

  3. nymas-nymapro-sequential-basin-mixer-tap

    Nymas NymaPRO Sequential Basin Mixer Tap - BPLMON

  4. rada-ev-shower-fittings-21642001

    Rada EV Shower Fittings 2.1642.001

  5. rada-vr2-rs-shower-head-21652009

    Rada VR2-RS Shower Head 2.1652.009

    Was £ 139.90

    Save 15%

    £ 119.43

    In Stock
  6. rada-vr105-shower-head-10098771

    Rada VR105 Shower Head

  7. rada-er-s-310-shower-10108451

    Rada ER-S 310 Shower

  8. rada-vr115-shower-head-10098831

    Rada VR115 Shower Head

  9. rada-ev-heavy-duty-shower-fittings-21642002

    Rada EV Heavy Duty Shower Fittings 2.1642.002

  10. rada-t2-300b-timed-flow-control-21762061

    Rada T2 300B Timed Flow Control 2.1762.061

  11. armitage-shanks-avon-21-push-button-self-closing-pillar-taps-b8267aa

    Armitage Shanks Avon 21 Push Button Self Closing Pillar Taps B8267AA

  12. rada-t2-300-timed-flow-control-21762063

    Rada T2 300 Timed Flow Control 2.1762.063

  13. cistermiser-novatap-infrared-deck-mounted-basin-tap-chrome

    Cistermiser Novatap Infrared Deck Mounted Basin Tap Chrome

  14. rada-thermotap-3s-thermostatic-mixing-tap-11555010

    Rada Thermotap-3S Thermostatic Mixing Tap 1.1555.010

    Was £ 339.30

    Save 10%

    £ 306.82

    In Stock
  15. rada-v12-130-mixer-valve-11651003

    Rada V12 130 Mixer Valve 1.1651.003

  16. armitage-shanks-avon-21-basin-taps-b8263aa

    Armitage Shanks Avon 21 Basin Taps B8263AA

  17. rada-215-t3-dk-thermostatic-mixing-valve

    Rada 215-T3 DK Thermostatic Mixing Valve - 1.0.407.06.3

  18. rada-thermotap-3l-copper-thermostatic-mixing-tap-11555062

    Rada Thermotap-3L Copper Thermostatic Mixing Tap 1.1555.062

  19. armitage-shanks-contour-21-thermostatic-sequential-basin-mixer-a4131aa

    Armitage Shanks Contour 21 Thermostatic Sequential Basin Mixer A4131AA

    Was £ 469.00

    Save 17%

    £ 389.97

    39 In Stock
  20. rada-meynell-v83-b-mixing-valve-prsm0563p

    Rada Meynell V8/3 B Mixing Valve PRSM0563P

  21. armitage-shanks-markwik-pillar-mixers-s8200aa

    Armitage Shanks Markwik Pillar Mixers S8200AA

    Was £ 549.47

    Save 23%

    £ 424.27

    15 In Stock
  22. rada-tf-313-time-flow-control-10095031

    Rada TF 31/3 Time Flow Control

  23. rada-v10-contract-pack-11651008

    Rada V10 Contract Pack 1.1651.008

  24. rada-meynell-bonus-bath-mixer-pebs00261p

    Rada Meynell Bonus Bath Mixer PEBS0026.1P

  25. rada-autotherm-3-bsm-11533110

    Rada Autotherm-3 BSM 1.1533.110

  26. rada-sense-shower-kit-t3-11503706

    Rada Sense Shower Kit T3 1.1503.706

  27. rada-425-ic-thermostatic-mixing-valve

    Rada 425 IC Thermostatic Mixing Valve - 1.1847.005

    Was £ 1301.99

    Save 8%

    £ 1198.97

    In Stock
  28. rak-ceramics-compact-commercial-wall-infrared-basin-tap

    RAK Ceramics Compact Commercial Wall Infrared Basin Tap - RAKCOM902C

    £ 155.41

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  29. armitage-shanks-starlite-hairdressers-mixer-handspray-s7450aa

    Armitage Shanks Starlite Hairdressers Mixer & Handspray S7450AA

    £ 238.35

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  30. bristan-thermostatic-wall-mount-tmv3-mixer-tap

    Bristan Thermostatic Wall Mount TMV3 Mixer Tap - H64WMT2