Fire Alarms

One of the most important things in your home is your Fire and Security equipment, in particular your fire alarm. That’s why here at PlumbNation, we provide a variety of fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and alarm accessories within our Electrical & Lighting zone to make sure your equipment is working to the best of its abilities. Designed for both domestic and commercial properties, keep everyone safe with our extensive range of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and accessories.

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  2. fireangel-sb1-t-optical-smoke-alarm

    FireAngel SB1-T Optical Smoke Alarm

  3. status-digital-carbon-monoxide-alarm

    Status Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm - SDCMA3XAA1PB4

  4. fireangel-sw1-pf-t-mains-powered-optical-smoke-alarm

    FireAngel SW1-PF-T Mains Powered Optical Smoke Alarm

  5. fireangel-fa3313-carbon-monoxide-alarm

    FireAngel FA3313 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

  6. fireangel-hw1-pf-t-mains-powered-heat-alarm

    FireAngel HW1-PF-T Mains Powered Heat Alarm

  7. fireangel-thermoptek-multi-sensor-smoke-alarm-smart-rf-ready

    FireAngel Thermoptek Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarm Smart RF Ready - FS2126-T

  8. fireangel-rf-bw-t-rf-base-with-wireless-interlink

    FireAngel RF-BW-T RF Base With Wireless Interlink

  9. fireangel-electrochemical-sensor-10-year-carbon-monoxide-alarm-smart-rf-ready

    FireAngel Electrochemical-Sensor 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm Smart RF Ready - FS1326-T

  10. kidde-fast-fit-heat-alarm-with-wireless-capability

    Kidde Fast Fit Heat Alarm with Wireless Capability - 3SFW

  11. fireangel-sm-sn-1-multi-sensor-smoke-alarm

    FireAngel SM-SN-1 Multi Sensor Smoke Alarm

  12. fireangel-hm-sn-1-mains-powered-heat-alarm

    FireAngel HM-SN-1 Mains Powered Heat Alarm

  13. fireangel-fs1524w2-t-wireless-alarm-control-unit

    FireAngel FS1524W2-T Wireless Alarm Control Unit

  14. fireangel-cw1-pf-t-mains-powered-carbon-monoxide-alarm

    FireAngel CW1-PF-T Mains Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm