Point Of Use Water Heaters

Heated with electricity in the standard voltage, point of use water heaters are ideal for the immediate production of hot water. Point-of-use water heaters boost the temperature of water at a fixture that is a substantial distance from the central water heater. No excess hot water is produced compared to heating from the mains, which takes time to travel to the source and invariably wastes energy and money. The high performance and lower operating costs of point of use water heaters make them a convenient alternative for the occasional use of hot water such as washing hands or to a singular sink.

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  2. redring-instant-hand-wash-unit-3kw-43678901

    Redring Instant Hand Wash Unit 3kW - 43678901

  3. elson-3kw-compact-water-heater-ehw3

    Elson 3kW Compact Water Heater EHW3

  4. redring-autosensor-instant-hand-wash-unit-3kw-43679901

    Redring Autosensor Instant Hand Wash Unit 3kW - 43679901

  5. santon-ev-2008-31kw-hand-wash

    Santon EV 2008 3.1kW Hand Wash - 94020015

  6. ariston-piccolo-5l-2kw-oversink-water-heater

    Ariston Piccolo 5L 2kW Oversink Water Heater - 3100525

  7. redring-ws73-7l-3kw-vented-water-heater

    Redring WS73 7L 3KW Vented Water Heater - 44780001

  8. elson-3kw-vented-oversink-water-heater-eos7

    Elson 3kW Vented Oversink Water Heater EOS7

    Was £ 139.03

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    £ 131.59

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  9. heatrae-sadia-handy-72kw-hand-wash-unit-spout

    Heatrae Sadia Handy 7.2kW Hand Wash Unit & Spout - 95020114

  10. zip-contract-over-sink-5l-2kw-water-heater-includes-spout-valve

    Zip Contract Over-Sink 5L 2kW Water Heater (Includes Spout & Valve) - T5OB5

    Was £ 159.59

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    £ 151.75

    In Stock
  11. heatrae-sadia-express-oversink-7-litre-1kw-vented-point-of-use-water-heater

    Heatrae Sadia Express Oversink 7 Litre 1kW Vented Point Of Use Water Heater - 95010160

  12. zip-contract-over-sink-10l-2kw-water-heater-includes-spout-valve

    Zip Contract Over-Sink 10L 2kW Water Heater (Includes Spout & Valve) - T5OB10

    Was £ 299.28

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    £ 217.60

    In Stock
  13. heatrae-sadia-streamline-over-sink-7l-3kw-water-heater-spout

    Heatrae Sadia Streamline Over Sink 7L 3kW Water Heater & Spout - 95010283

  14. heatrae-sadia-streamline-over-sink-10l-3kw-water-heater-spout

    Heatrae Sadia Streamline Over Sink 10L 3kW Water Heater & Spout - 95010287

  15. burco-mobile-handwash-with-infra-red-foot-sensor-10l-stainless-steel

    Burco Mobile Handwash with Infra-red Foot Sensor 10L Stainless Steel - HW0110

  16. heatrae-sadia-streamline-over-sink-7l-1kw-water-heater-spout

    Heatrae Sadia Streamline Over Sink 7L 1kW Water Heater & Spout - 95010281

    £ 285.71

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