In most households, it's fair to say that the shower is used every day. This is why choosing the right shower that compliments your bathroom whilst meeting your demands is so important. From traditional styles with exposed pipework and crosshead faucets, or modern tastes influenced by bold square lines and contemporary flair. We offer a comprehensive range of showers, shower parts and accessories in the latest designs so you can find the perfect shower for your needs. Whatever the project, bathroom renovation or just updating your shower head or arm, our wide selection of electric, mixer and power showers or even our digital shower range with smart technology are perfect for your home.

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  1. Electric Showers

    Electric Showers

    84 products
    From £71.20
  2. Mixer Showers

    Mixer Showers

    202 products
    From £59.99
  3. Power Showers

    Power Showers

    12 choices
    From £182.50
  4. Digital Showers

    Digital Showers

    75 products
    From £66.20
  5. Shower Heads Arms And Rails

    Shower Heads, Arms & Rails

    75 products
    From £7.49
  6. Shower Valves

    Shower Valves

    61 products
    From £14.99
  7. Shower Pumps

    Shower Pumps

    88 products
    From £84.00
  8. Shower Accessories

    Shower Accessories

    203 products
    From £7.49
  9. thermostatic-showers

    Thermostatic Showers

    277 products
    From £59.99
  10. black-showers

    Black Showers

    38 products
    From £119.00
  11. modern-showers

    Modern Showers

    322 products
    From £59.99
  12. Shower Towers

    Shower Towers

    7 choices
    From £224.00
  13. traditional-showers

    Traditional Showers

    9 choices
    From £79.99
  14. smart-showers

    Smart Showers

    72 products
    From £415.43
  15. mobility-showers

    Mobility Showers

    6 choices
    From £272.06