Oil Regular Boilers

Oil regular boilers are a suitable source of central heating for properties in rural areas that do not have access to a mains gas supply. The main draw towards choosing a regular or heat only oil boiler is that they are considered to be more reliable than a combi boiler, meaning you can expect an extended lifespan of your central heating system. Unlike system models, regular heat only oil boilers require an external circulating pump and expansion tank, which is generally fitted above the boiler to provide a gravity fed supply of water, perfect for retrofitting an existing open vented central heating system. At PlumbNation, we offer a wide selection of highly efficient condensing regular boilers from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

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  2. warmflow-agentis-15-21kw-boilerhouse-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 15-21kW Boilerhouse Oil Boiler - B21

    Was £ 1602.95

    Save 8%

    £ 1472.52

    In Stock
  3. warmflow-agentis-21-27kw-boilerhouse-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 21-27kW Boilerhouse Oil Boiler - B26

  4. grant-vortex-eco-1521-utility-floor-standing-regular-boiler-oil-erp

    Grant Vortex Eco 15/21kW Utility Floor Standing Regular Boiler Oil ErP

  5. firebird-envirogreen-popular-boilerhouse-12-18kw-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Firebird Envirogreen Popular Boilerhouse 12-18kW External Regular Oil Boiler - EGE018POP

  6. warmflow-agentis-15-21kw-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 15-21kW Regular Oil Boiler - I21

  7. grant-vortex-eco-2126-utility-floor-standing-regular-boiler-oil-erp

    Grant Vortex Eco 21/26kW Utility Floor Standing Regular Boiler Oil ErP

  8. firebird-envirogreen-popular-boilerhouse-c20-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Firebird Envirogreen Popular Boilerhouse C20 20kW External Regular Oil Boiler - EGE020POP

  9. warmflow-agentis-27-33kw-boilerhouse-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 27-33kW Boilerhouse Oil Boiler - B33

  10. firebird-envirogreen-12-18kw-kitchen-regular-oil-boiler

    Firebird Envirogreen 12-18kW Kitchen Regular Oil Boiler - EGE018KIT

  11. firebird-envirogreen-popular-boilerhouse-c26-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Firebird Envirogreen Popular Boilerhouse C26 26kW External Regular Oil Boiler - EGE026POP

  12. warmflow-agentis-21-27kw-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 21-27kW Regular Oil Boiler - I26

  13. grant-vortex-eco-1521-external-floor-standing-regular-boiler-oil-erp

    Grant Vortex Eco 15/21kW External Floor Standing Regular Boiler Oil ErP

  14. warmflow-agentis-15-21kw-pre-pumped-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 15-21kW Pre-Pumped Regular Oil Boiler - I21P

  15. worcester-greenstar-danesmoor-utility-1218-regular-boiler-oil-2022

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Utility 12/18kW Regular Oil Boiler - 2022+ - 7731600245

    Was £ 2064.91

    Save 8%

    £ 1909.19

    10 In Stock
  16. grant-vortex-eco-16-21kw-wall-hung-open-vent-boiler-oil-erp

    Grant Vortex Eco 16-21kW Wall Hung Open Vent Boiler Oil ErP VTXWH1621

  17. grant-vortex-pro-1526-kitchenutility-floor-standing-regular-boiler-oil-erp

    Grant Vortex Pro 15/26kW Kitchen/Utility Floor Standing Regular Boiler Oil ErP VTX1526

  18. warmflow-agentis-21-27kw-pre-pumped-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 21-27kW Pre-Pumped Regular Oil Boiler - I26P

  19. grant-vortex-eco-2126-external-floor-standing-regular-boiler-oil-erp

    Grant Vortex Eco 21/26kW External Floor Standing Regular Boiler Oil ErP

  20. warmflow-agentis-27-33kw-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 27-33kW Regular Oil Boiler - I33

  21. warmflow-agentis-15-21kw-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 15-21kW External Regular Oil Boiler - E21

  22. worcester-greenstar-danesmoor-utility-1825-regular-boiler-oil-2022

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Danesmoor Utility 18/25kW Regular Oil Boiler - 2022+ - 7731600246

  23. warmflow-agentis-21-27kw-professional-internal-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 21-27kw Professional Internal Regular Oil Boiler - I26PRO

  24. grant-vortex-eco-2635-utility-floor-standing-regular-boiler-oil-erp

    Grant Vortex Eco 26/35kW Utility Floor Standing Regular Boiler Oil ErP

  25. firebird-envirogreen-heatpac-12-18kw-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Firebird Envirogreen Heatpac 12-18kW External Regular Oil Boiler - EGE018HPK

  26. warmflow-agentis-15-21kw-professional-internal-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 15-21kw Professional Internal Regular Oil Boiler - I21PRO

  27. warmflow-agentis-21-27kw-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 21-27kW External Regular Oil Boiler - E26

  28. warmflow-agentis-15-21kw-pre-pumped-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 15-21kW Pre-Pumped External Regular Oil Boiler - E21P

  29. warmflow-agentis-27-33kw-pre-pumped-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 27-33kW Pre-Pumped Regular Oil Boiler - I33P

  30. firebird-envirogreen-slimline-heatpac-c20-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Firebird Envirogreen Slimline Heatpac C20 20kW External Regular Oil Boiler - EGE020SLM

  31. firebird-envirogreen-popular-boilerhouse-c35-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Firebird Envirogreen Popular Boilerhouse C35 35kW External Regular Oil Boiler - EGE035POP

  32. firebird-envirogreen-slimline-heatpac-c26-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Firebird Envirogreen Slimline Heatpac C26 26kW External Regular Oil Boiler - EGE026SLM

  33. warmflow-agentis-27-33kw-professional-internal-regular-oil-boiler

    Warmflow Agentis 27-33kw Professional Internal Regular Oil Boiler - I33PRO

  34. firebird-envirogreen-heatpac-c20-external-regular-oil-boiler

    Firebird Envirogreen Heatpac C20 20kW External Regular Oil Boiler - EGE020HPK

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