Shower Seats

Shower seats add another level of comfort and safety to your enclosure with a compact and slimline shower seat. Our range of shower seats integrates perfectly into an existing bathroom by fastening securely to an internal wall. For maximum comfort and compatibility, our folding shower seats are designed to collapse close to the wall and are complete with drainage holes or gaps for optimum comfort and relaxation. Both easy to install and highly durable, our shower seats are ideal for both able-bodied and users who require added support and stability when showering. If you didn't find what you were looking for, don't forget to check out our other range of Disabled Bathroom products.

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  2. nymas-nymapro-shower-seat-with-legs

    Nymas NymaPRO Shower Seat With Legs - 130202WH

  3. akw-2000-series-compact-fold-up-seat-with-pad-grey-02000p

    AKW 2000 Series Compact Fold Up Seat With Pad - Grey - 02000P

  4. nymas-nymacare-premium-wall-mounted-shower-seat-with-legs-white-sb-070wh

    Nymas NymaCARE Premium Wall Mounted Shower Seat With Legs White - SB-070/WH

  5. mira-shower-seat-white-21536128

    Mira Shower Seat - White (2.1536.128)

  6. nymas-nymacare-padded-shower-seat-with-legs-grey-sb-080gy

    Nymas NymaCARE Padded Shower Seat With Legs Grey - SB-080/GY

  7. mira-premium-shower-seat-whitechrome-21731001

    Mira Premium Shower Seat - White/Chrome (2.1731.001)

  8. akw-2000-series-standard-fold-up-shower-seat-padded-grey-02010p

    AKW 2000 Series Standard Fold-Up Shower Seat - Padded - Grey - 02010P

  9. nymas-nymapro-shower-seat-with-back-arms-legs

    Nymas NymaPRO Shower Seat With Back, Arms & Legs - 130203WH

  10. akw-2000-series-fold-up-seat-with-back-and-arms-fully-padded-grey-02130p

    AKW 2000 Series Fold Up Seat With Back And Arms - Fully Padded - Grey - 02130P

  11. nymas-nymastyle-contemporary-compact-square-padded-shower-seats-black-330002bl

    Nymas NymaSTYLE Contemporary Compact Square Padded Shower Seats Black - 330002/BL

  12. akw-2000-series-fold-up-seat-with-back-and-arms-fully-padded-blue-02230p

    AKW 2000 Series Fold Up Seat With Back And Arms - Fully Padded - Blue - 02230P

  13. nymas-nymastyle-contemporary-slimline-shower-seat-white-331002wh

    Nymas NymaSTYLE Contemporary Slimline Shower Seat White - 331002/WH

  14. akw-2000-series-fold-up-seat-with-back-and-arms-padded-arms-only-grey-02130

    AKW 2000 Series Fold Up Seat With Back And Arms - Padded Arms Only - Grey - 02130

  15. akw-fold-up-wooden-slatted-seat-with-support-legs-04030

    AKW Fold Up Wooden Slatted Seat with Support Legs - 04030

  16. nymas-nymastyle-contemporary-slimline-shower-seats-black-331002bl

    Nymas NymaSTYLE Contemporary Slimline Shower Seats Black - 331002/BL

  17. akw-onyx-compact-shower-seat-white

    AKW Onyx Compact Shower Seat White - 02801WH-LS

  18. nymas-nymacare-doc-m-shower-seat-with-legs-650mm-projection-grey-padswhite-frame-sb-085gy

    Nymas NymaCare Doc M Shower Seat With Legs 650mm Projection Grey Pads/White Frame - SB-085/GY

  19. akw-4000-series-horseshoe-standard-seat-with-back-arms

    AKW 4000 Series Horseshoe Standard Seat With Back & Arms - 04260P

  20. nymas-nymastyle-doc-m-shower-seat-with-legs-650mm-projection-black-padspolished-frame-sb-085bl

    Nymas NymaSTYLE Doc M Shower Seat With Legs 650mm Projection Black Pads/Polished Frame - SB-085/BL

  21. akw-onyx-compact-shower-seat-black

    AKW Onyx Compact Shower Seat Black - 02801BK-LS

  22. nymas-nymastyle-slimline-removable-shower-seat-with-back-grab-rail-black-331004bl

    Nymas NymaSTYLE Slimline Removable Shower Seat With Back & Grab Rail Black - 331004/BL

  23. akw-4000-series-extra-wide-seat-with-back-arms-fully-padded-blue-04140p

    AKW 4000 Series Extra Wide Seat With Back & Arms - Fully Padded - Blue - 04140P

  24. mira-shower-seat-whitechrome-21536129

    Mira Shower Seat - White/Chrome (2.1536.129)

  25. mira-premium-shower-seat-chromedark-grey-21731002

    Mira Premium Shower Seat - Chrome/Dark Grey (2.1731.002)

  26. nymas-nymastyle-premium-padded-shower-seat-with-legs-black-335002bl

    Nymas NymaSTYLE Premium Padded Shower Seat With Legs Black - 335002/BL

  27. nymas-nymastyle-contemporary-slimline-shower-seat-with-back-rest-white-331003wh

    Nymas NymaSTYLE Contemporary Slimline Shower Seat With Back Rest White - 331003/WH