Explore our extensive range of tools, perfect for all of your DIY needs. Whatever tool you might be looking for, whether it’s hand tools, plumbing tools or anything in between, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in our varied tools collection.

Here at PlumbNation, we stock all leading brands with free and nominated delivery available on selected products.

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  2. polyplumb-standard-pipe-cutter

    Polyplumb Standard Pipe Cutter - PB781

  3. solder-mat-250mm-square

    Solder Mat - 250mm Square - 70080502

  4. talbot-mdpe-stopcock-chambers

    Talbot MDPE Stopcock Chambers - E3199

  5. speedfit-pipe-cutter

    Speedfit Pipe Cutter - JG-TS

  6. talbot-mdpe-stopcock-chambers

    Talbot MDPE Stopcock Chamber - Large - E7226

  7. buteline-press-fit-clamp-tools

    Buteline Press-Fit Clamp Tool - 10mm Mini Tool - BMT10

  8. buteline-press-fit-pro-clamp-tools

    Buteline Press-Fit Clamp Tool - 22mm Pro Clamp Tool - PRO22

  9. buteline-press-fit-pro-clamp-tools

    Buteline Press-Fit Pro Clamp Tools - PRO16

  10. buteline-press-fit-clamp-tools

    Buteline Press-Fit Clamp Tool - 22mm - BFR22

  11. buteline-press-fit-clamp-tools

    Buteline Press-Fit Clamp Tool - 16mm - BFR16

  12. buteline-klauke-press-fit-electric-clamp-tools-jaws

    Buteline Klauke Press-Fit Clamp Tool - Electric Clamp Jaw - 28mm - ETJ28

  13. buteline-press-fit-clamp-tools

    Buteline Press-Fit Clamp Tools - BFR28

  14. buteline-novopress-16mm-electric-press-jaw

    Buteline Novopress 16mm Electric Press Jaw - ETJN16

  15. buteline-novopress-22mm-electric-press-jaw

    Buteline Novopress 22mm Electric Press Jaw - ETJN22

  16. buteline-press-fit-pro-clamp-tool-starter-pack

    Buteline Press-Fit Pro Clamp Tool Starter Pack - BPP10

  17. buteline-press-fit-clamp-tool-starter-pack

    Buteline Press-Fit Clamp Tool Starter Pack - GGP1

  18. buteline-klauke-press-fit-electric-clamp-tools-jaws

    Buteline Klauke Press-Fit Electric Clamp Tools & Jaws - ET01