Bi Fold Shower Doors

The bi-fold shower door is suitable for installations amongst three enclosed walls and in conjunction with glass shower side panels to form an enclosure. A bi-fold shower door is an excellent choice for space-saving, as the folding mechanism allows the door to be opened and closed in concertina fashion. This style of door severely reduces the clearance required when the door is open and makes it easy when entering and exiting the shower enclosure. Whether you're after the flexibility of a reversible door or the simplicity of a minimalist frameless bi-fold design, our doors come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes to suit any bathroom. For a custom fit that will look sharp, our bi-fold shower doors can be adjusted within millimetres, keeping the need for the sealant to a minimum.

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  2. hydrolux-4mm-bifold-shower-door-760mm

    Hydrolux 4mm Bifold Shower Door 760mm

  3. hydrolux-4mm-bifold-shower-door-800mm

    Hydrolux 4mm Bifold Shower Door 800mm

  4. hydrolux-4mm-bifold-shower-door-900mm

    Hydrolux 4mm Bifold Shower Door 900mm

  5. mira-leap-900mm-bi-fold-shower-door

    Mira Leap 900mm Bi-Fold Shower Door - 1.1857.281

  6. mira-leap-760mm-bi-fold-shower-door

    Mira Leap 760mm Bi-Fold Shower Door - 1.1857.279

  7. mira-leap-800mm-bi-fold-shower-door

    Mira Leap 800mm Bi-Fold Shower Door - 1.1857.280