Riser Rail Kits

The most common shower fixture in a domestic bathroom, riser rail kits offer timeless style which won't compromise on functionality. Consisting of a shower head, a shower hose and a rail, riser rail kits provide dynamic movement as the shower head can slide up and down as well as being removable from the rail itself. They maintain their popularity because of the flexibility compared to fixed shower heads which remain attached to the wall or ceiling that they are fixed to. Shower riser rail kits are available in a variety of designs which include more modern angular shapes as well as the tradition rounded shower head.

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  2. architeckt-round-shower-kit-with-adjustable-handset-single-spray

    Architeckt Round Shower Kit with Adjustable Handset - Single Spray

  3. mira-beat-slide-bar

    Mira Beat Slide Bar - 2.1703.018

  4. architeckt-round-shower-kit-with-adjustable-handset-multi-spray

    Architeckt Round Shower Kit with Adjustable Handset - Multi Spray

  5. architeckt-square-shower-kit-with-adjustable-handset-single-spray

    Architeckt Square Shower Kit with Adjustable Handset - Single Spray

  6. architeckt-round-shower-kit-with-adjustable-handset-fixed-head

    Architeckt Round Shower Kit with Adjustable Handset & Fixed Head

  7. architeckt-square-shower-kit-with-adjustable-handset-fixed-drencher-head

    Architeckt Square Shower Kit with Adjustable Handset & Fixed Drencher Head

  8. grohe-euphoria-110-mono-shower-rail-set-1-spray

    Grohe Euphoria 110 Mono Shower Rail Set 1 Spray - 27256001

  9. mira-beat-bsm-fittings-kit

    Mira Beat BSM Fittings Kit - 2.1703.391

  10. mira-beat-shower-fittings-kit

    Mira Beat Shower Fittings Kit - 2.1703.015

  11. mira-logic-shower-fittings-kit-chrome

    Mira Logic Shower Fittings Kit - Chrome - 2.1605.154

  12. ideal-standard-idealrain-s3-shower-kit-180cm-long-hose-b9556aa

    Ideal Standard Idealrain S3 Shower Kit 180cm Long Hose B9556AA

    Was £ 92.99

    Save 6%

    £ 87.45

    13 In Stock
  13. rak-ceramics-square-slide-rail-kit-with-3-function-head-and-integral-wall-outlet

    RAK Ceramics Square Slide Rail Kit with 3 Function Head and Integral Wall Outlet - RAKSHW1010

  14. mira-360-classic-fittings-kit

    Mira 360 Classic Fittings Kit - 1.1688.005

  15. bristan-cascade-adjustable-shower-riser-rail

    Bristan Cascade Adjustable Shower Riser Rail - CAS RRAIL02 C

  16. grohe-tempesta-cosmopolitan-100-900mm-shower-rail-27522000

    Grohe Tempesta Cosmopolitan 100 900mm Shower Rail 27522000

    £ 51.44

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  17. mira-beat-slide-bar-whitechrome

    Mira Beat Slide Bar White/Chrome - 2.1703.017

  18. bristan-evo-shower-kit-evf-kit03-c

    Bristan EVO Shower Kit EVF KIT03 C

  19. mira-beat-shower-fittings-kit-polished-chrome

    Mira Beat Shower Fittings Kit Polished Chrome - 2.1703.016

  20. mira-nectar-fittings-kit

    Mira Nectar Fittings Kit - 2.1703.006

  21. bristan-single-function-extended-slide-bar-shower-kit-ev-kit-eefb-c

    Bristan Single Function Extended Slide Bar Shower Kit EV KIT-EEFB C

  22. mira-flex-fittings-kit-chrome-11603125

    Mira Flex Fittings Kit Chrome 1.1603.125

    Was £ 128.98

    Save 5%

    £ 122.60

    In Stock
  23. aqualisa-aquatique-adjustable-shower-kit-chrome

    Aqualisa Aquatique Adjustable Shower Kit – Chrome - 561.01