Electric Boilers

If your property is in an off-grid area, or does not have access to a gas supply, then an electric boiler is the ideal solution for heating your home. With simplicity at the heart of their design, electric boilers make a great alternative to their gas cousins and are generally compact in size; meaning they can be discreetly installed into cupboard recesses away from sight. Fitting an electric boiler is advantageous as unlike a traditional boiler, they do not require the use of a flue, giving you flexibility when it comes to choosing the best location to install one on your home. Whether you're interested in a green energy solution or require an alternative to a gas boiler, our growing range of electric central heating boilers are built to a high specification and deliver incredible efficiency for properties of many sizes.

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  1. Electric Combi

    Electric Combi Boilers

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    From £950.48
  2. Electric Flow

    Electric Flow Boilers

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  4. trianco-aztec-plus-6kw-electric-regular-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Plus 6kW Electric Regular Boiler - 4061

  5. trianco-aztec-plus-10kw-electric-regular-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Plus 10kW Electric Regular Boiler - 4062

    Was £ 598.79

    Save 19%

    £ 484.39

    In Stock
  6. trianco-aztec-classic-tri-6kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Classic TRI 6kW Electric Flow Boiler - 4001

  7. trianco-aztec-plus-12kw-electric-regular-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Plus 12kW Electric Regular Boiler - 4063

    Was £ 682.28

    Save 13%

    £ 594.79

    In Stock
  8. heatrae-sadia-amptec-electric-flow-boilers

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec 4kW Electric Flow Boilers - 95022001

  9. trianco-aztec-classic-tri-9kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Classic TRI 9kW Electric Flow Boiler - 4002

  10. heatrae-sadia-amptec-electric-flow-boilers-underfloor

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec 4kW Electric Flow Boilers Underfloor - 95022101

  11. heatrae-sadia-amptec-u601-6kw-electric-flow-boiler-underfloor

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec U601 6kW Electric Flow Boiler Underfloor - 95022102

  12. heatrae-sadia-amptec-c600-6kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec C600 6kW Electric Flow Boiler - 95022002

  13. ehc-slim-jim-electric-flow-boilers

    EHC Slim Jim 4kW Electric Flow Boiler

    Was £ 763.99

    Save 9%

    £ 698.98

    In Stock
  14. trianco-aztec-classic-tri-12kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Classic TRI 12kW Electric Flow Boiler - 4004

  15. trianco-aztec-classic-tri-11kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Classic TRI 11kW Electric Flow Boiler - 4003

  16. ferroli-leb-ts-9kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Ferroli LEB TS 9kW Electric Flow Boiler - GCFO10EA

  17. slim-jim-7kw-electric-flow-boiler

    EHC Slim Jim 7kW Electric Flow Boiler EHCSJIM7KW

  18. ehc-slim-jim-12kw-electric-flow-boiler-ehcsjim12kw

    EHC Slim Jim 12KW Electric Flow Boiler EHCSJIM12KW

  19. ehc-10kw-slim-jim-120l-direct-cylinder-package

    EHC Slim Jim 10kW Electric Flow Boiler EHCSJIM10KW

  20. ehc-slim-jim-144kw-electric-flow-boiler-ehcsjim144kw

    EHC Slim Jim 14.4KW Electric Flow Boiler EHCSJIM14.4KW

  21. heatrae-sadia-amptec-u901-9kw-electric-flow-boiler-underfloor

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec U901 9kW Electric Flow Boiler Underfloor - 95022103

  22. heatrae-sadia-amptec-c900-9kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec C900 9kW Electric Flow Boiler - 95022003

  23. trianco-aztec-mini-12kw-electric-combination-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 12kW Electric Combination Boiler

  24. trianco-aztec-mini-8kw-electric-combination-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 8kW Electric Combination Boiler

  25. trianco-aztec-mini-8kw-electric-system-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 8kW Electric System Boiler - 4038

  26. trianco-aztec-mini-12kw-electric-system-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 12kW Electric System Boiler - 4039

  27. trianco-aztec-mini-14kw-electric-system-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 14kW Electric System Boiler - 4040

  28. trianco-aztec-mini-10kw-electric-combination-boiler

    Trianco Aztec Mini 10kW Electric Combination Boiler

  29. heatrae-sadia-amptec-u1201-12kw-electric-flow-boiler-underfloor

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec U1201 12kW Electric Flow Boiler Underfloor - 95022105

  30. viessmann-vitotron-100-3-8kw-electric-system-boiler

    Viessmann Vitotron 100 3-8kW Electric System Boiler - Z020841

  31. heatrae-sadia-amptec-c1200-12kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec C1200 12kW Electric Flow Boiler - 95022005

  32. heatrae-sadia-amptec-c1100-11kw-electric-flow-boiler

    Heatrae Sadia Amptec C1100 11kW Electric Flow Boiler - 95022004

  33. viessmann-vitotron-100-3-8kw-electric-system-boiler-with-weather-compensator

    Viessmann Vitotron 100 3-8kW Electric System Boiler with Weather Compensator - Z020839

  34. ehc-fusion-comet-6kw-electric-system-boiler

    EHC Fusion Comet 6KW Electric System Boiler - EHCCOM6KW

  35. viessmann-vitotron-100-3-24kw-electric-system-boiler-with-weather-compensator

    Viessmann Vitotron 100 3-24kW Electric System Boiler with Weather Compensator - Z020840

  36. viessmann-vitotron-100-3-24kw-electric-system-boiler

    Viessmann Vitotron 100 3-24kW Electric System Boiler - Z020842

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