Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are a low carbon energy efficient way to heat your home, allowing you to generate your own renewable heat and help save money on your energy bills. PlumbNation offer a variety of ASHPs, cylinders and accessories from leading brands. An air-to-water heat pump takes heat from the air and boosts it to a higher temperate using a compressor before transferring the heat to the wet heating system in your home. The heat pumps do run on electricity but as they use less electrical energy than the heat they produce they are a modern energy efficient heating solution. Usually positioned at the back or side of a property, air source heat pumps need ample space to allow for air circulation. Less disruptive to install than ground source heat pumps, an ASHP sits above ground and does not require any digging. Before installing your new air source heat pump its advised to check whether you need planning permission, in most cases you won't however if you live in a listed building you'll usually need the consent of your local authority. When adding a domestic air source heat pump to your home central heating it's important to ensure your home is well insulated and we also recommend considering installing underfloor heating or larger radiators alongside your heat pump which help to disperse the generated heat. To qualify for most funding schemes and government grants, you should receive a Commissioning Certificate from your chosen installer and will also receive an MCS installation certificate once the system has been registered.

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Vaillant Arotherm Plus 7kW Air Source Heat Pump
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