Underfloor Heating

An underfloor central heating system is an invisible, yet luxurious alternative to traditional radiators. Underfloor heating systems are installed directly underneath your flooring to create a warm sense of minimalism that can be operated with the touch of an intelligent heating control or thermostat. Whether you wish to have underfloor heating as part of your central heating system, or to run independently, our range of wet and electric underfloor heating kits can cater for either requirement. Whilst an underfloor heating installation may cost more upfront, you can enjoy lower energy consumption through beautifully and evenly distributed heat output.

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  1. Electric Underfloor Heating

    Electric Underfloor Heating

    70 products
    From £54.99
  2. Wet Underfloor Heating

    Wet Underfloor Heating

    73 products
    From £12.95
  3. Insulation Boards

    Insulation Boards

    13 choices
    From £18.24
  4. Thermostats And Controls

    Thermostats & Controls

    21 products
    From £40.22
  5. Ufh Accessories

    Underfloor Heating Accessories

    34 products
    From £3.02

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  7. prowarm-manifold-brass-blanking-cap

    ProWarm Manifold Brass Blanking Cap

  8. prowarm-16mm-x-15mm-nickel-plated-compression-coupling

    ProWarm 16mm x 15mm Nickel Plated Compression Coupling - 1615COUPLING

    Was £ 9.58

    Save 27%

    £ 6.99

    In Stock
  9. prowarm-digital-multimeter

    ProWarm Digital Multimeter - DIGIMETER

  10. speedfit-conduit-elbow

    Speedfit Conduit Elbow - JGUFHCONELB

  11. prowarm-22mm-profloor-end-return-pre-routed-chipboard-panel-800mm-x-600mm

    Prowarm 22mm ProFloor End Return Pre-Routed Chipboard Panel 800mm x 600mm - PROFLOORRETURN

  12. warmup-tile-backer-boards

    Warmup Tile Backer Boards - WIB6MM

  13. prowarm-22mm-profloor-pre-routed-chipboard-panel-1200mm-x-600mm

    Prowarm 22mm ProFloor Pre-Routed Chipboard Panel 1200mm x 600mm

  14. prowarm-underfloor-heating-edge-insulation-50m-roll

    Prowarm Underfloor Heating Edge Insulation 50m Roll

  15. speedfit-rail-pins-jgufhpin-for-jgufhrail-100-per-box

    Speedfit Rail Pins JGUFHPIN for JGUFHRAIL (100 Per Box)

  16. warmup-tile-backer-board-10mm-wib10mm

    Warmup Tile Backer Board 10mm WIB10MM

  17. speedfit-manifold-flow-meter-mkit01

    Speedfit Manifold Flow Meter MKIT01

  18. speedfit-manifold-ball-valve-spufh7

    Speedfit Manifold Ball Valve SPUFH7

  19. speedfit-25m-roll-edge-insulation-strip-jgufhedge

    Speedfit 25M Roll Edge Insulation Strip JGUFHEDGE

  20. speedfit-floor-clips-100-per-box-jgufhclip

    Speedfit Floor Clips (100 Per Box) JGUFHCLIP

  21. speedfit-240v-circuit-actuator

    Speedfit 240V Circuit Actuator - JGUFHA(240V)/2

  22. warmup-insulated-underlay

    Warmup Insulated Underlay - WIU2.5

  23. heatmiser-slimline-e-electric-floor-heating-programmable-thermostat

    Heatmiser Slimline-E Electric Floor Heating Programmable Thermostat

    Was £ 57.60

    Save 18%

    £ 46.99

    In Stock
  24. speedfit-230v-dial-thermostat

    Speedfit 230V Dial Thermostat - JGSTAT1

  25. speedfit-60mm-pipe-staples-300-per-box-jgufhstaple

    Speedfit 60mm Pipe Staples (300 Per Box) JGUFHSTAPLE

  26. heatmiser-neostat-e-electric-floor-heating-thermostat-glacier-white

    Heatmiser neoStat-e Electric Floor Heating Thermostat - Glacier White

  27. prowarm-low-profile-multi-layered-12mm-pex-pipe-50m

    ProWarm Low Profile Multi-Layered 12mm PEX Pipe – 50m - 12MMPEXPIPE50M

  28. prowarm-underwood-heating-kit-2m2

    ProWarm 2m² Electric Underfloor Foil Heating Mat - WOOD2MMATONLY

  29. heatmiser-neostat-e-electric-floor-heating-thermostat-sapphire-black-neostat-eblack

    Heatmiser neoStat-e Electric Floor Heating Thermostat - Sapphire Black NEOSTAT-EBLACK

  30. prowarm-underfloor-heating-mat-150w-25m2

    ProWarm Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 150w 2.5m² - 150W2.5MMATONLY

  31. prowarm-protouch-wifi-smart-underfloor-heating-thermostat-white

    Prowarm ProTouch WiFi Smart Underfloor Heating Thermostat White - ET61W-3A-WHITE

  32. prowarm-underwood-heating-kit-35m2

    ProWarm 3.5m² Electric Underfloor Foil Heating Mat - WOOD3.5MMATONLY

  33. warmup-insulated-underlay-5m-wiu50

    Warmup Insulated Underlay 5m WIU5.0

  34. warmup-electric-underfloor-heating-stickymat-150w-1m-spm1

    Warmup Electric Underfloor Heating StickyMat 150w 1m - SPM1

  35. john-guest-speedfit-aura-wireless-boiler-receiver

    John Guest Speedfit Aura Wireless Boiler Receiver - JGBR

  36. prowarm-low-profile-multi-layered-12mm-pex-pipe

    ProWarm Low Profile Multi-Layered 12mm PEX Pipe - 12MMPEXPIPE80M

  37. heatmiser-touch-e-electric-floor-heating-touchscreen-thermostat

    Heatmiser Touch-E Electric Floor Heating Touchscreen Thermostat

    Was £ 82.92

    Save 5%

    £ 78.79

    In Stock
  38. prowarm-underfloor-heating-mat-150w-35m2

    ProWarm Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 150w 3.5m² - 150W3.5MMATONLY

  39. warmup-tempo-digital-programmable-thermostat-tempo-black-tempo-eltblack

    Warmup Tempo Digital Programmable Thermostat - Tempo Black TEMPO-ELTBLACK

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