Expansion Vessels

Expansion vessels are small tanks used to protect closed water heating systems and domestic hot water systems from excessive pressure which can become hazardous otherwise. Without an expansion vessel, the water system cannot allow cold water to expand as it is heated therefore creating a dangerous environment. If you've not found what you're looking for, check out our other range of Plumbing products.

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  2. altecnic-potable-vessel-brackets

    Altecnic Potable Vessel Brackets - RS-MB

  3. altecnic-potable-vessel-brackets

    Altecnic Potable Vessel Bracket (5-18L) - RS-MB2

  4. altecnic-potable-vessel-brackets

    Altecnic Potable Vessel Bracket (25L Only)

  5. zilmet-cal-pro-heating-expansion-vessels

    Zilmet CAL-PRO 8L Heating Expansion Vessel - 1300000800

  6. altecnic-reflex-heating-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 8L Heating Expansion Vessel

  7. zilmet-cal-pro-heating-expansion-vessels

    Zilmet CAL-PRO 12L Heating Expansion Vessel - 1300001200

  8. zilmet-cal-pro-heating-expansion-vessels

    Zilmet CAL-PRO Heating Expansion Vessels - 1300000400

  9. intafil-12-sealed-system-kit-without-bracket

    Intafil 1/2" Sealed System Kit Without Bracket - SSKA075

  10. altecnic-reflex-heating-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 12L Heating Expansion Vessel

  11. altecnic-reflex-2l-silver-potable-expansion-vessel

    Altecnic Reflex 2L Silver Potable Expansion Vessel

  12. altecnic-reflex-flat-round-heating-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 10L Flat Round Heating Expansion Vessel

  13. altecnic-reflex-heating-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex Heating Expansion Vessels

  14. altecnic-reflex-flat-round-heating-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex Flat Round Heating Expansion Vessels

  15. zilmet-cal-pro-heating-expansion-vessels

    Zilmet CAL-PRO 18L Heating Expansion Vessel - 1300001800

  16. altecnic-reflex-flat-round-heating-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 8L Flat Round Heating Expansion Vessel - HV8F

  17. altecnic-reflex-heating-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 25L Heating Expansion Vessel

  18. zilmet-cal-pro-heating-expansion-vessels

    Zilmet CAL-PRO 24L Heating Expansion Vessel - 1300002400

  19. altecnic-reflex-potable-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 12L Potable Expansion Vessel

  20. altecnic-reflex-potable-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 8L Potable Expansion Vessel

  21. altecnic-sealed-system-kits

    Altecnic 1/2 Sealed System Kit - CA-900000

  22. altecnic-robokit-extra-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 24L Robokit Extra

    Was £ 87.32

    Save 5%

    £ 82.54

    In Stock
  23. altecnic-reflex-potable-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 18L Potable Expansion Vessel - PV18W

  24. altecnic-12-sealed-system-kit-no-bracket

    Altecnic 1/2 Sealed System Kit (No Bracket)

  25. altecnic-reflex-heating-expansion-vessels-with-legs

    Altecnic Reflex 35L Heating Expansion Vessel With Legs

  26. altecnic-sealed-system-kits

    Altecnic Sealed System Kits

  27. altecnic-reflex-heating-expansion-vessels-with-legs

    Altecnic Reflex Heating Expansion Vessels With Legs

  28. altecnic-reflex-potable-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 25L Potable Expansion Vessel

  29. altecnic-reflex-horizontal-potable-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex 25L Horizontal Potable Expansion Vessel - PVH25W

  30. altecnic-reflex-potable-expansion-vessels

    Altecnic Reflex Potable Expansion Vessels - PV33W

  31. altecnic-robokit-extra-expansion-vessels-with-legs

    Altecnic Robokit Extra Expansion Vessels With Legs - CA-900035

  32. altecnic-reflex-heating-expansion-vessels-with-legs

    Altecnic Reflex 80L Heating Expansion Vessel With Legs

  33. altecnic-robokit-extra-expansion-vessels-with-legs

    Altecnic Reflex 50L Robokit Extra With Legs

  34. altecnic-reflex-potable-expansion-vessels-with-legs

    Altecnic Reflex 50L Potable Expansion Vessel With Legs - PV50W

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