Plinth Heaters

Plinth heaters are a neat space-saving alternative for heating your kitchen, being both efficient and powerful. Once turned on at the unit or by remote switch, they begin to deliver a rush of warm air which is then distributed outwards through a grille at your feet. Kitchen plinth heaters are available as a hydronic model plumbed in as part of your central heating system, or as an electric unit wired into an electrical supply. If you want the flexibility, you can even choose a dual model that offers the best of both worlds. Whether you're looking for a fresh alternative to a radiator or wanting to make the most of your kitchen space, then a plinth heater may be the solution for you.

Plinth heaters sit in the plinth of your kitchen units but still provide enough heat to keep your kitchen warm. This is an ideal heating solution for compact kitchens or for times where you simply want to get more from your kitchen, since you aren't losing precious wall space to a bulky radiator. This leaves room for other features you may want, such as an extra kitchen appliance, more kitchen worktops or extra kitchen storage. A plinth heater can also be more attractive than a bog standard radiator because it's so sleek and subtle, ideal for designer kitchens. Not only that, but plinth heaters can come with grilles in a whole range of finishes to perfectly match your existing decor.

PlumbNation offer an excellent range of plinth heaters and plinth heater grilles to suit your requirements. We also offer a selection of established brands including Smith's, Myson and Consort plinth heaters. Shop our full collection below.

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  1. smiths-plinth-heaters

    Smith's Plinth Heaters

    32 products
    From £13.95
  2. myson-plinth-heaters

    Myson Plinth Heaters

    18 products
    From £34.55
  3. consort-plinth-heaters

    Consort Plinth Heaters

    5 choices
    From £130.00
  4. other-plinth-heaters

    Other Plinth Heaters

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  5. plinth-heater-grilles

    Plinth Heater Grilles

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  7. smiths-space-saver-grille-white

    Smith's Space Saver Grille - White - HASS10103

  8. myson-kickspace-500e-eco-grille-black

    Myson Kickspace 500E Eco Grille - Black - EBLG500

    Was £ 49.15

    Save 12%

    £ 43.16

    5 In Stock
  9. myson-kickspace-500-grille-black

    Myson Kickspace 500 Grille - Black - BLG500

  10. myson-kickspace-800-grille-black

    Myson Kickspace 800 Grille - Black

    Was £ 58.54

    Save 22%

    £ 45.59

    In Stock
  11. myson-kickspace-600-600-12v-grille-black

    Myson Kickspace 600 / 600-12V Grille - Black - BLG600

  12. myson-kickspace-500e-500-duo-grille-brushed-stainless-steel

    Myson Kickspace 500E / 500 Duo Grille - Brushed Stainless Steel - EBSG500

  13. myson-kickspace-500-grille-chrome

    Myson Kickspace 500 Grille - Chrome

  14. myson-kickspace-500e-500-duo-grille-chrome

    Myson Kickspace 500E / 500 Duo Grille - Chrome - ECG500

  15. myson-kickspace-600-600-12v-grille-brushed-stainless-steel

    Myson Kickspace 600 / 600-12V Grille - Brushed Stainless Steel - BSG600

  16. consort-phsl2s-wireless-controlled-plinth-heater

    Consort PHSL2S Wireless Controlled Plinth Heater

  17. consort-phsl2bl-wireless-controlled-plinth-heater

    Consort PHSL2BL Wireless Controlled Plinth Heater

  18. consort-phsl2w-wireless-controlled-plinth-heater

    Consort PHSL2W Wireless Controlled Plinth Heater

  19. smiths-space-saver-ss2e-electric-plinth-heater-with-stainless-steel-grille

    Smith's Space Saver SS2E Electric Plinth Heater with Stainless Steel Grille - HPSS10070

  20. consort-phsl3s-wireless-controlled-plinth-heater

    Consort PHSL3S Wireless Controlled Plinth Heater

  21. consort-phsl3w-wireless-controlled-plinth-heater

    Consort PHSL3W Wireless Controlled Plinth Heater

  22. smiths-space-saver-ss3-fan-convector-kitchen-plinth-heater

    Smith's Space Saver SS3 Fan Convector - Kitchen Plinth Heater - HPSS10001

  23. smiths-space-saver-ss2e-electric-plinth-heater-with-white-grille

    Smith's Space Saver SS2E Electric Plinth Heater with White Grille

  24. smiths-space-saver-ss5-fan-convector-kitchen-plinth-heater

    Smith's Space Saver SS5 Fan Convector - Kitchen Plinth Heater - HPSS10002

  25. smiths-space-saver-ss3e-electric-plinth-heater-with-stainless-steel-grille

    Smith's Space Saver SS3E Electric Plinth Heater with Stainless Steel Grille - HPSS10075

  26. myson-kickspace-500-hydronic-plinth-heater

    Myson Kickspace 500 Hydronic Plinth Heater - 3KICK500

    Was £ 264.60

    Save 10%

    £ 238.75

    35 In Stock
  27. smiths-space-saver-ss80-hydronic-plinth-heater

    Smith's Space Saver SS80 Hydronic Plinth Heater - HPSS10009

  28. dimplex-bfh24e-24kw-electric-plinth-heater-with-integrated-controls

    Dimplex BFH24E 2.4kW Electric Plinth Heater With Integrated Controls

  29. smiths-space-saver-ss7-fan-convector-kitchen-plinth-heater

    Smith's Space Saver SS7 Fan Convector - Kitchen Plinth Heater - HPSS10003

  30. myson-kickspace-600-hydronic-plinth-heater

    Myson Kickspace 600 Hydronic Plinth Heater - 3KICK600

    Was £ 305.72

    Save 5%

    £ 290.57

    32 In Stock
  31. smiths-space-saver-ss9-fan-convector-kitchen-plinth-heater

    Smith's Space Saver SS9 Fan Convector - Kitchen Plinth Heater - HPSS10004

  32. myson-kickspace-500e-eco-electric-plinth-heater

    Myson Kickspace 500E Eco Electric Plinth Heater - 3KICK500EECO

  33. smiths-space-saver-ss5-dual-grille-black

    Smith's Space Saver SS5 Dual Grille - Black - HASS10122

  34. myson-kickspace-600e-eco-grille-black-eblg600

    Myson Kickspace 600E Eco Grille Black EBLG600

    Was £ 42.58

    Save 19%

    £ 34.55

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  35. myson-kickspace-600-grille-white

    Myson Kickspace 600 Grille White

    £ 35.00

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  36. myson-kickspace-800-grille-white

    Myson Kickspace 800 Grille White

    £ 35.99

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+
  37. smiths-ss80e-space-saver-grille-white

    Smith's SS80E Space Saver Grille White - HASS10153

  38. smiths-space-saver-ss9-grille-black

    Smith's Space Saver SS9 Grille - Black - HASS10112

  39. smiths-space-saver-ss80-grille-black

    Smith's Space Saver SS80 Grille - Black - HASS10142

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