Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom wall panels are a stylish alternative to traditional tiling or cladding your wet room or shower enclosure. As well as being easy to clean and maintain whilst reducing bacteria by up to 99.9%, shower wall panels are totally waterproof following correct installation. Mounting shower wall panels is certainly quicker and less labour intensive than painstakingly applying individual tiles and with concealed fixings or suitable mounting adhesive, the resulting finish is flawless. Aside from creating a neat and seamless finish, wall panels do away with grout which is prone to discolouration, meaning that your shower area will remain clean and crisp looking. With a range of colours and finishes to choose from, there is shower panel to suit any bathroom décor and taste.

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  2. multipanel-classic-frost-white-sample

    Multipanel Classic Frost White Sample

  3. multipanel-classic-natural-white-sample

    Multipanel Classic Natural White Sample

  4. multipanel-classic-riven-marble-sample

    Multipanel Classic Riven Marble Sample

  5. multipanel-linda-barker-calacatta-marble-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Calacatta Marble Sample

  6. multipanel-classic-classic-marble-sample

    Multipanel Classic Classic Marble Sample

  7. multipanel-classic-travertine-sample

    Multipanel Classic Travertine Sample

  8. multipanel-linda-barker-concrete-elements-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Concrete Elements Sample

  9. multipanel-classic-antique-marble-sample

    Multipanel Classic Antique Marble Sample

  10. multipanel-classic-marfil-cream-sample

    Multipanel Classic Marfil Cream Sample

  11. multipanel-linda-barker-stone-elements-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Stone Elements Sample

  12. multipanel-classic-jupiter-silver-sample

    Multipanel Classic Jupiter Silver Sample

  13. multipanel-linda-barker-graphite-elements-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Graphite Elements Sample

  14. multipanel-classic-stardust-sample

    Multipanel Classic Stardust Sample

  15. multipanel-linda-barker-salvaged-plank-elm-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Salvaged Plank Elm Sample

  16. multipanel-classic-blizzard-sample

    Multipanel Classic Blizzard Sample

  17. multipanel-classic-arctic-stone-sample

    Multipanel Classic Arctic Stone Sample

  18. multipanel-classic-grey-marble-sample

    Multipanel Classic Grey Marble Sample

  19. multipanel-classic-cappuccino-stone-sample

    Multipanel Classic Cappuccino Stone Sample

  20. multipanel-classic-riven-slate-sample

    Multipanel Classic Riven Slate Sample

  21. multipanel-linda-barker-bianca-luna-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Bianca Luna Sample

  22. multipanel-linda-barker-concrete-formwood-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Concrete Formwood Sample

  23. multipanel-linda-barker-corten-elements-sample

    Multipanel Linda Barker Corten Elements Sample

  24. multipanel-alpine-white-hydrolock-tongue-groove-tile-effect-wall-panel-sample

    Multipanel Alpine White Hydrolock Tongue & Groove Tile Effect Wall Panel Sample

  25. multipanel-dust-grey-hydrolock-tongue-groove-tile-effect-wall-panel-sample

    Multipanel Dust Grey Hydrolock Tongue & Groove Tile Effect Wall Panel Sample

  26. multipanel-grey-mineral-hydrolock-tongue-groove-tile-effect-wall-panel-sample

    Multipanel Grey Mineral Hydrolock Tongue & Groove Tile Effect Wall Panel Sample

  27. multipanel-levanto-marble-hydrolock-tongue-groove-tile-effect-wall-panel-sample

    Multipanel Levanto Marble Hydrolock Tongue & Groove Tile Effect Wall Panel Sample

  28. multipanel-monument-grey-hydrolock-tongue-groove-tile-effect-wall-panel-sample

    Multipanel Monument Grey Hydrolock Tongue & Groove Tile Effect Wall Panel Sample

  29. multipanel-valmasino-marble-hydrolock-tongue-groove-tile-effect-wall-panel-sample

    Multipanel Valmasino Marble Hydrolock Tongue & Groove Tile Effect Wall Panel Sample

  30. multipanel-white-gypsum-hydrolock-tongue-groove-tile-effect-wall-panel-sample

    Multipanel White Gypsum Hydrolock Tongue & Groove Tile Effect Wall Panel Sample

  31. multipanel-white-mineral-hydrolock-tongue-groove-tile-effect-wall-panel-sample

    Multipanel White Mineral Hydrolock Tongue & Groove Tile Effect Wall Panel Sample

  32. multipanel-white-terrazzo-hydrolock-tongue-groove-tile-effect-wall-panel-sample

    Multipanel White Terrazzo Hydrolock Tongue & Groove Tile Effect Wall Panel Sample

  33. multipanel-bathroom-wall-panel-internal-corner-profile-type-a-satin-silver

    Multipanel Bathroom Wall Panel Internal Corner Profile Type A Satin Silver

  34. loch-installation-kit-suitable-for-2-x-pvc-panels

    Loch Installation Kit - Suitable For 2 X Pvc Panels - PMN0826

    Was £ 29.08

    Save 12%

    £ 25.70

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