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When it comes to choosing the right style of bathroom taps, make sure you know how to change bathroom taps before and that the bathroom taps are within the design of your basin, which is often one of the determining factors. With a traditional basin, it is typical to have two tap holes for an individual hot and cold tap, whereas with many modern basins you may find a single hole for a monobloc or mixer tap. Other variations include freestanding taps that are the ideal choice when combined with either a countertop basin or freestanding bathtub, where there is no space for a deck-mounted tap. Whatever the style or design you require, we offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary bathroom taps that will compliment your décor.

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    Basin Taps

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    Bath Taps

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  5. essentials-basin-mixer-tap

    Essentials Basin Mixer Tap

  6. architeckt-boden-basin-mixer-tap

    Architeckt Boden Basin Mixer Tap

  7. architeckt-misa-cloakroom-mono-basin-mixer-tap

    Architeckt Misa Cloakroom Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  8. architeckt-dakota-cloakroom-basin-mixer-waterfall-tap

    Architeckt Dakota Cloakroom Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  9. ideal-standard-sandringham-sl-21-basin-pillar-taps-chrome

    Ideal Standard Sandringham SL 21 Basin Pillar Taps Chrome - B3304AA

  10. rak-ceramics-metropolitan-mini-mono-basin

    RAK Ceramics Metropolitan Mini Mono Basin - QT8322MW

  11. park-lane-oxford-bath-taps

    Park Lane Oxford Bath Taps

  12. park-lane-oxford-basin-taps

    Park Lane Oxford Basin Taps

  13. architeckt-malmo-mini-mono-basin-mixer-tap

    Architeckt Malmo Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  14. architeckt-misa-basin-mixer-tap

    Architeckt Misa Basin Mixer Tap

  15. architeckt-dakota-basin-mixer-waterfall-tap

    Architeckt Dakota Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  16. rak-ceramics-basic-monoblock-basin-mixer-with-clicker-waste

    RAK Ceramics Basic Monoblock Basin Mixer with Clicker Waste - RAKBAS3001

  17. architeckt-malmo-bath-taps

    Architeckt Malmo Bath Taps

  18. architeckt-malmo-basin-taps

    Architeckt Malmo Basin Taps

  19. architeckt-lund-basin-mixer-tap

    Architeckt Lund Basin Mixer Tap

    Was £ 49.99

    Save 10%

    £ 44.99

    In Stock
  20. merano-venosa-basin-mixer-tap-chrome

    Merano Venosa Basin Mixer Tap - Chrome

  21. essentials-basin-mixer-tap-and-bath-mixer-tap-set

    Essentials Basin Mixer Tap and Bath Mixer Tap Set

  22. armitage-shanks-sandringham-21-basin-tap-pillar-pair-lever-chrome-b9881aa

    Armitage Shanks Sandringham 21 - Basin Tap - Pillar (Pair) (Lever) - Chrome - B9881AA

  23. armitage-shanks-sandringham-21-bath-tap-pillar-pair-lever-chrome-b9882aa

    Armitage Shanks Sandringham 21 - Bath Tap - Pillar (Pair) (Lever) - Chrome - B9882AA

  24. park-lane-oxford-mono-basin-mixer-tap

    Park Lane Oxford Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  25. architeckt-maderna-basin-mixer-tap

    Architeckt Maderna Basin Mixer Tap

  26. park-lane-worcester-mono-basin-mixer-tap

    Park Lane Worcester Mono Basin Mixer Tap

  27. architeckt-malmo-basin-mixer-tap

    Architeckt Malmo Basin Mixer Tap

  28. architeckt-lattra-basin-mixer-tap

    Architeckt Lattra Basin Mixer Tap

  29. architeckt-misa-basin-taps

    Architeckt Misa Basin Taps

  30. architeckt-misa-bath-taps

    Architeckt Misa Bath Taps

  31. architeckt-edsberg-basin-mixer-waterfall-tap

    Architeckt Edsberg Basin Mixer Waterfall Tap

  32. rak-ceramics-origin-mono-basin-mixer-no-waste

    RAK Ceramics Origin Mono Basin Mixer (No Waste) - RAKORI3001

  33. essentials-bath-shower-mixer-tap

    Essentials Bath Shower Mixer Tap

  34. essentials-bath-mixer-tap

    Essentials Bath Mixer Tap

  35. essentials-basin-mixer-tap-and-bath-mixer-tap-set

    Essentials Basin Mixer Tap And Bath Mixer Tap Set

  36. essentials-basin-mixer-tap-and-bath-shower-mixer-tap-set

    Essentials Basin Mixer Tap and Bath Shower Mixer Tap Set

  37. essentials-basin-mixer-tap-and-bath-shower-mixer-tap-set

    Essentials Basin Mixer Tap and Bath Shower Mixer Tap Set

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