Urinals are essential additions to all commercial washrooms. Available in a variety of designs such as individual bowls to multiple toilet systems for larger premises, bathroom urinals are manufactured from high-quality materials such as ceramic. Quality is important, especially for fixtures such as urinals which experience high volumes of use which is why we only stock the most reputable brands in the commercial washrooms industry.

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  2. rak-ceramics-brackets-for-jazira-urinal

    RAK Ceramics Brackets for Jazira Urinal - URIBRAC

  3. armitage-shanks-1-brass-strainer-waste-s8770my

    Armitage Shanks 1½" Brass Strainer Waste S8770MY

  4. armitage-shanks-exposed-spreader-top-inlet-s6285aa

    Armitage Shanks Exposed Spreader Top Inlet S6285AA

  5. armitage-shanks-flushpipes-exposed-1-bowl-urinal-mura-cistern-s6220my

    Armitage Shanks Flushpipes Exposed 1 Bowl Urinal (Mura Cistern) S6220MY

  6. armitage-shanks-spreader-back-inlet-urinal-s6286aa

    Armitage Shanks Spreader - Back Inlet Urinal S6286AA

  7. vitra-arkitekt-fitting-kit-for-urinal-exposed-cistern

    Vitra Arkitekt Fitting Kit for Urinal Exposed Cistern - UFS6501

  8. twyford-spectrum-urinal-fixing-kit-including-plastic-waste

    Twyford Spectrum Urinal Fixing Kit including Plastic Waste - SR8096XX

    Was £ 72.49

    Save 10%

    £ 65.11

    In Stock
  9. vitra-arkitekt-urinal

    Vitra Arkitekt Urinal - 6564L003-0198

  10. vitra-arkitekt-urinal-cistern

    Vitra Arkitekt Urinal Cistern - 6954L003-0135

  11. rak-ceramics-jazira-urinal

    RAK Ceramics Jazira Urinal

  12. vitra-arkitekt-exposed-fittings-pack-for-1-urinal

    Vitra Arkitekt Exposed Fittings Pack for 1 Urinal - UFS6001

  13. armitage-shanks-urinal-division-vitreous-china-hanger-screw-s612001

    Armitage Shanks Urinal Division Vitreous China - Hanger & Screw S612001

  14. armitage-shanks-sandringham-wall-bowl-urinal-s610301

    Armitage Shanks Sandringham Wall Bowl Urinal S610301

  15. rak-ceramics-venice-waterless-urinal-without-lid

    RAK Ceramics Venice Waterless Urinal without Lid - VENURI

  16. armitage-shanks-sanura-400mm-wall-urinal-s610501

    Armitage Shanks Sanura 400mm Wall Urinal S610501

  17. twyford-clifton-450x300mm-urinal-vc7002wh

    Twyford Clifton 450x300mm Urinal VC7002WH

  18. twyford-core-ceramic-urinal-divider

    Twyford Core Ceramic Urinal Divider - VC7051WH

  19. cistermiser-standard-hydraulic-flush-valve

    Cistermiser Standard Hydraulic Flush Valve - STD

  20. twyford-spectrum-urinal-vc7004wh

    Twyford Spectrum Urinal VC7004WH

  21. armitage-shanks-auto-cistern-9l-no-cover-white

    Armitage Shanks Auto Cistern 9L No Cover White - S620101

  22. armitage-shanks-sanura-500mm-urinal-bowl-s610001

    Armitage Shanks Sanura 500mm Urinal Bowl S610001

  23. cistermiser-infrared-control-valve-and-ceiling-mounting-kit

    Cistermiser Infrared Control Valve and Ceiling Mounting Kit - IRC2

  24. twyford-camden-500x350mm-urinal-vc7003wh

    Twyford Camden 500x350mm Urinal VC7003WH

    £ 144.76

    Extended Lead Time, 2 Weeks+