Electric Showers

The electric shower is a firm favourite for many homeowners as they are highly economical, and the installation procedure is quick and easy. By design, electric shower units will only heat the water that is used while showering, meaning there is no unnecessary wastage of excess hot water. If you're unsure that a modern electric shower would be suitable for your home, then you'll be glad to know that they are fully compatible with all water pressure systems, as they only require a cold-water supply to function. Ideal for the demands of a busy modern home, electric showers combine functionality and efficiency in a stylish exterior to suit any bathroom. For more pressure, you might want to consider a Pumped Electric Shower, or for added safety from temperature fluctuations a Thermostatic Electric Shower.

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  2. gainsborough-slim-mono-electric-shower-white-85kw-gsm85

    Gainsborough Slim Mono Electric Shower White 8.5kw - GSM85

  3. gainsborough-gsm95-slim-mono-electric-shower-95kw-white

    Gainsborough GSM95 Slim Mono Electric Shower - 9.5kW White

  4. gainsborough-slim-duo-electric-shower-white-85kw-gsd85

    Gainsborough Slim Duo Electric Shower White 8.5kw - GSD85

  5. gainsborough-slim-duo-electric-shower-white-105kw-gsd105

    Gainsborough Slim Duo Electric Shower White 10.5kw - GSD105

  6. gainsborough-slim-duo-electric-shower-piano-black-85kw-gsdpb85

    Gainsborough Slim Duo Electric Shower Piano Black 8.5kw - GSDPB85

  7. gainsborough-slim-duo-electric-shower-piano-black-95kw-gsdpb95

    Gainsborough Slim Duo Electric Shower Piano Black 9.5kw - GSDPB95

  8. triton-danzi-electric-shower-gloss-white-85kw-ardanz08w

    Triton Danzi Electric Shower Gloss White 8.5kW - ARDANZ08W

  9. mira-jump-multi-fit-75kw-white-electric-shower

    Mira Jump Multi-Fit 7.5kW White Electric Shower - 1.1788.477

  10. mira-vie-chrome-95kw-electric-shower-chrome

    Mira Vie Chrome 9.5kW Electric Shower Chrome - 1.1788.513

  11. mira-vie-108kw-electric-shower-chrome

    Mira Vie 10.8kW Electric Shower Chrome - 1.1788.514

  12. gainsborough-slim-duo-electric-shower-titanium-grey-95kw-gsdtg95

    Gainsborough Slim Duo Electric Shower Titanium Grey 9.5kw - GSDTG95

  13. mira-vie-85kw-chrome-electric-shower

    Mira Vie 8.5kW Chrome Electric Shower - 1.1788.512

  14. mira-jump-multi-fit-85kw-white-electric-shower

    Mira Jump Multi-Fit 8.5kW White Electric Shower - 1.1788.010

  15. triton-aspirante-electric-95kw-shower-kit-brushed-steel

    Triton Aspirante Electric 9.5kW Shower & Kit Brushed Steel - ASP09BRSTL

    Was £ 174.30

    Save 8%

    £ 160.04

    In Stock
  16. triton-aspirante-electric-85kw-shower-kit-black-gloss

    Triton Aspirante Electric 8.5kW Shower & Kit Black Gloss - ASP08GSBLK

  17. triton-aspirante-85kw-shower-kit-gun-metal

    Triton Aspirante 8.5kW Shower & Kit Gun Metal - ASP08GUNMTL

  18. mira-jump-multi-fit-95kw-white-electric-shower

    Mira Jump Multi-Fit 9.5kW White Electric Shower - 1.1788.011

  19. mira-vie-108kw-electric-shower-white

    Mira Vie 10.8kW Electric Shower White - 1.1788.006

  20. triton-aspirante-electric-85kw-shower-kit-brushed-steel

    Triton Aspirante Electric 8.5kW Shower & Kit Brushed Steel - ASP08BRSTL

  21. triton-aspirante-85kw-electric-shower-kit-white-gloss

    Triton Aspirante 8.5kW Electric Shower & Kit White Gloss - ASP08GSWHT

  22. triton-t100xr-slimline-shower-kit-whitechrome-sp1008xr

    Triton T100XR - Slimline Shower & Kit - White/Chrome - SP1008XR

    Was £ 189.00

    Save 10%

    £ 169.74

    In Stock
  23. triton-t100xr-95kw-slim-electric-shower-whitechrome

    Triton T100XR 9.5kW Slim Electric Shower White/Chrome - SP1009XR

  24. mira-jump-multi-fit-108kw-white-electric-shower

    Mira Jump Multi-Fit 10.8kW White Electric Shower - 1.1788.012

  25. triton-t80-pro-fit-85kw-electric-shower-white

    Triton T80 Pro Fit 8.5kW Electric Shower White - SP8008PF

  26. triton-aspirante-95kw-shower-kit-gun-metal

    Triton Aspirante 9.5kW Shower & Kit Gun Metal - ASP09GUNMTL

  27. triton-aspirante-electric-95kw-shower-kit-white-gloss

    Triton Aspirante Electric 9.5kW Shower & Kit White Gloss - ASP09GSWHT

  28. triton-aspirante-electric-95kw-shower-kit-black-gloss

    Triton Aspirante Electric 9.5kW Shower & Kit Black Gloss - ASP09GSBLK

  29. triton-amala-electric-shower-matt-black-brushed-brass-85kw

    Triton Amala Electric Shower Matt Black & Brushed Brass 8.5kW - REAMA87

  30. akw-itherm-white-85kw-thermostatic-electric-shower

    AKW iTherm White 8.5kW Thermostatic Electric Shower - 29024

  31. triton-aspirante-electric-shower-85kw-matt-black-asp08mtblk

    Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - 8.5kW Matt Black ASP08MTBLK

  32. triton-aspirante-electric-shower-95kw-matt-black-asp09mtblk

    Triton Aspirante Electric Shower - 9.5kW Matt Black ASP09MTBLK

  33. triton-danzi-duelec-electric-shower-white-95kw

    Triton Danzi DuElec Electric Shower White 9.5kW - GEDADU91

  34. triton-danzi-duelec-electric-shower-white-105kw

    Triton Danzi DuElec Electric Shower White 10.5kW - GEDADU11

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