Wall Hung Toilets

Wall hung toilets symbolise the progressive direction of bathroom sanitaryware for new age living. With the cistern concealed from view, the exposed wall hung pan creates an airy illusion of space that when coupled with a flush plate, boasts sleek simplicity and functionality. With the promotion of hygiene being ever-important, the rimless wall hung toilet benefits from a rimless design that is easier to clean and prevent germs and bacteria.

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  1. vitra-s20-wall-mounted-short-projection-pan-5505l003-0101

    Vitra S20 Wall Mounted Short Projection Pan - 5505L003-0101

  2. vitra-s20-wall-mounted-pan-5507l003-0101

    Vitra S20 Wall Mounted Pan - 5507L003-0101

  3. vitra-zentrum-wall-mounted-pan-5785l003-0075

    Vitra Zentrum Wall Mounted Pan - 5785L003-0075

  4. rak-ceramics-washington-rimless-wall-hung-pan-white

    RAK Ceramics Washington Rimless Wall Hung Pan - White - WASWHPAN-R

  5. geberit-selnova-grab-go-wall-hung-toilet-pack-with-standard-toilet-seat

    Geberit Selnova Grab & Go Wall Hung Toilet Pack with Standard Toilet Seat - 501.752.00.1

  6. rak-ceramics-resort-rimless-wall-hung-pan-pan

    RAK Ceramics Resort Rimless Wall Hung Pan - Pan - RSTWHPAN-HF

  7. rak-ceramics-moon-rimless-wall-hung-pan-with-hidden-fixings-white

    RAK Ceramics Moon Rimless Wall Hung Pan With Hidden Fixings - White - HARWHPAN-HF

  8. rak-ceramics-metropolitan-rimless-wall-hung-pan-with-hidden-fixings-white

    RAK Ceramics Metropolitan Rimless Wall Hung Pan With Hidden Fixings - White - METRIMWHPAN

  9. rak-ceramics-sensation-wall-hung-toilet-pan-white

    RAK Ceramics Sensation Wall Hung Toilet Pan - White - SENWC1447AWHA

  10. rak-ceramics-sensation-wall-hung-pan-white

    RAK Ceramics Sensation Wall Hung Pan - White - SENWC1446AWHA

  11. rak-ceramics-feeling-365mm-wall-hung-pan-matt-black

    RAK Ceramics Feeling 365mm Wall Hung Pan Matt Black - RST23504A

  12. rak-ceramics-feeling-365mm-wall-hung-pan-matt-white

    RAK Ceramics Feeling 365mm Wall Hung Pan Matt White - RST23500A

  13. rak-ceramics-feeling-365mm-wall-hung-pan-matt-grey

    RAK Ceramics Feeling 365mm Wall Hung Pan Matt Grey - RST23503A

  14. rak-ceramics-feeling-365mm-wall-hung-pan-matt-cappuccino

    RAK Ceramics Feeling 365mm Wall Hung Pan Matt Cappuccino - RST23514A

  15. ideal-standard-concept-wall-mounted-aquablade-pan-e047301

    Ideal Standard Concept Wall Mounted Aquablade Pan - E047301

  16. geberit-smyle-wall-hung-toilet-with-sigma-cistern-and-flush-plate-bundle-pack

    Geberit Smyle Wall Hung Toilet with Sigma Cistern and Flush Plate Bundle Pack - 118.349.21.1

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    £ 627.67

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