Radiator Valves

Radiator valves are essential in maintaining the temperature of your home efficiently. It is necessary to consider a pair of manual or thermostatic valve packs. A set of valves will give you control over the flow of water and the overall heat output of each radiator throughout your household. A traditional manual valve opens and closes the flow of hot water that enters the radiator, while a thermostatic radiator valve will self regulate depending on the setting and temperature of the room itself; adjusting accordingly. With a wide selection from the leading brands, our radiator valves are sure to meet your requirements and compliment your radiators house-wide.

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DuraTherm Cubic Chrome Angled Radiator Valves - 15mm
Save £2.99 £22.99
£20.00 inc
DuraTherm Cubic Chrome Straight Radiator Valves - 15mm
Save £5.65 £26.99
£21.34 inc
DuraTherm Corner White Radiator Valve Pack - 15mm
Save £4.99 £29.99
£25.00 inc
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