Boiler Flues & Accessories

To ensure that your boiler is adequately ventilated, it is vital to fit a flue kit and any accessories that aid in dispersing the harmful gases away and out of your property. Whether your boiler is fitted in a kitchen, under stairs recess, or in an airing cupboard upstairs; we stock a range of horizontal and vertical outlet flue kits along with all the necessary couplings, elbows and brackets to fit a safe and efficient ventilation system to your boiler.

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  1. boiler-flues

    Boiler Flues

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  2. filling-loops

    Filling Loops

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  3. low-loss-headers

    Low Loss Headers

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  4. flue-guards

    Flue Guards

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  5. plume-kits

    Plume Kits

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  6. flashing-kits

    Flashing Kits

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  7. boiler-spares

    Boiler Spares

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