Solar Panel Mounting

For a successful solar installation, it's important to have the right tools for the job. The best solar panel mounting equipment ensures a sturdy and lasting installation, allowing you to enjoy and benefit from your solar panels for years to come. We have a selection of products to meet your requirements, including roof hooks, mounting kits, solar panel mounting rails and more. Browse the collection today at PlumbNation.

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  2. clenergy-solarpro-rail-end-cap-black-k-er-capprob

    Clenergy Solarpro Rail End Cap Black K ER-CAPPROB

  3. fastensol-rail-end-cap-silver-f-rec-s

    Fastensol Rail End Cap Silver F-REC-S

  4. fastensol-black-end-clamp-f-bec

    Fastensol Black End Clamp F-BEC

    Was £ 7.02

    Save 85%

    £ 1.02

    In Stock
  5. fastensol-black-mid-clamp-f-bmc

    Fastensol Black Mid Clamp F-BMC

    Was £ 7.02

    Save 85%

    £ 1.02

    In Stock
  6. clenergy-solarpro-universal-black-module-midend-clamp-30-46mm-c-u3046ba

    Clenergy Solarpro Universal Black Module Mid/End Clamp 30-46mm C-U/30/46/BA

  7. fastensol-silver-rail-joiner-including-2pcs-fixing-bolt-f-rc-s

    Fastensol Silver Rail Joiner Including 2PCS Fixing Bolt F-RC-S

  8. clenergy-solarpro-mounting-rail-connector-er-sp-st

    Clenergy Solarpro Mounting Rail Connector ER-SP-ST

  9. clenergy-hook-rest-rubber-tile-h-rest

    Clenergy Hook Rest Rubber Tile H-REST

  10. genius-solarflash-flat-tile-kit-sf02

    Genius SolarFlash Flat Tile Kit SF02

  11. genius-solarflash-slate-new-build-kit-sf01

    Genius SolarFlash Slate New Build Kit SF01

  12. fastensol-solar-pv-fast-hook-f-ath07

    Fastensol Solar PV Fast Hook F-ATH07

    Was £ 10.67

    Save 56%

    £ 4.67

    In Stock
  13. fastensol-flat-tile-roof-hook-portrait-including-2pcs-wood-screw-f-th02

    Fastensol Flat Tile Roof Hook - Portrait Including 2PCS Wood Screw F-TH02

    Was £ 10.74

    Save 56%

    £ 4.74

    In Stock
  14. fastensol-flat-tile-roof-hook-landscape-including-2pcs-wood-screw-f-th02a

    Fastensol Flat Tile Roof Hook - Landscape Including 2PCS Wood Screw F-TH02A

    Was £ 10.86

    Save 55%

    £ 4.86

    In Stock
  15. fastensol-pantile-roof-hook-portrait-including-3pcs-wood-screw-f-th01

    Fastensol Pantile Roof Hook - Portrait Including 3PCS Wood Screw F-TH01

  16. fastensol-pantile-roof-hook-landscape-including-3pcs-wood-screw-f-th06

    Fastensol Pantile Roof Hook - Landscape Including 3PCS Wood ScreW F-TH06

  17. clenergy-solarpro-slate-roof-hook-for-sarked-roof-er-i-pro04

    Clenergy Solarpro Slate Roof Hook for Sarked Roof ER-I-PRO/04

  18. clenergy-solarpro-universal-roof-hook-for-tiles-er-i-pro01

    Clenergy Solarpro Universal Roof Hook for Tiles ER-I-PRO/01

  19. clenergy-solarpro-plain-tile-roof-hook-k-er-i-pro02

    Clenergy Solarpro Plain Tile Roof Hook K ER-I-PRO/02

  20. clenergy-solarpro-adjustable-universal-roof-hook-for-tiles-er-i-pro01a

    Clenergy Solarpro Adjustable Universal Roof Hook for Tiles ER-I-PRO/01A

  21. genius-solarflash-slate-refit-kit-sf02

    Genius SolarFlash Slate Refit Kit SF02

  22. fastensol-silver-mounting-rail-33m-f-mr-s

    Fastensol Silver Mounting Rail 3.3m F-MR-S

    Was £ 24.70

    Save 24%

    £ 18.70

    In Stock
  23. clenergy-solarpro-mounting-rail-36m-er-r-pro3300

    Clenergy Solarpro Mounting Rail 3.6m ER-R-PRO3300