Gas Fires

With an extensive range of contemporary and traditional designs, choice of flue types and multiple fuel bed options available, Gas fires are a convenient and effective way to add warmth and comfort to your home. Whether space is a consideration or if it is in abundance there plenty of types to choose from, including Inset, Outset, Hole in the wall and flueless gas fires. Featuring easy manual switch on mechanisms, gas fires provide instant heat with a real flame that dances elegantly between coals, pebbles or logs depending on the style of your room.

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  1. Balanced Flue Gas Fires

    Balanced Flue Gas Fires

    4 choices
    From £799.00
  2. Inset Gas Fires

    Inset Gas Fires

    81 products
    From £60.88
  3. Hole In The Wall Gas Fires

    Hole In The Wall Gas Fires

    8 choices
    From £473.00
  4. Outset Gas Fires

    Outset Gas Fires

    34 products
    From £52.69

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  6. valor-lpg-conversion-kit-class-1

    Valor LPG Conversion Kit Class 1

  7. valor-bauhaus-fret-chrome

    Valor Bauhaus Fret Chrome - 055859

  8. valor-clifton-firefront-chrome-055910

    Valor Clifton Firefront Chrome 055910

    Was £ 95.51

    Save 24%

    £ 72.72

    In Stock
  9. valor-blenheim-firefront-brass

    Valor Blenheim Firefront Brass - 055866

  10. valor-blenheim-firefront-chrome

    Valor Blenheim Firefront Chrome - 055873

  11. valor-downton-fret-brass-055927

    Valor Downton Fret Brass 055927

  12. valor-majestic-decorative-inset-gas-fire-engine-only-black

    Valor Majestic Decorative Inset Gas Fire Engine Only Black - 0593901

  13. flavel-waverley-gas-fire-black

    Flavel Waverley Gas Fire Black - FITC00MN

  14. flavel-windsor-contemporary-pebble-gas-fire-polished-silver

    Flavel Windsor Contemporary Pebble Gas Fire Polished Silver

    Was £ 332.00

    Save 6%

    £ 312.00

    In Stock
  15. flavel-windsor-classic-gas-fire-silver

    Flavel Windsor Classic Gas Fire Silver

  16. flavel-windsor-contemporary-manual-control-coal-gas-fire-brushed-steel

    Flavel Windsor Contemporary Manual Control Coal Gas Fire Brushed Steel

  17. flavel-firenza-outset-gas-fire-black

    Flavel Firenza Outset Gas Fire Black

  18. valor-blenheim-slimline-inset-gas-fire-brass

    Valor Blenheim Slimline Inset Gas Fire Brass

    Was £ 400.00

    Save 13%

    £ 349.99

    In Stock
  19. flavel-strata-outset-gas-fire-cream

    Flavel Strata Outset Gas Fire Cream

    Was £ 445.39

    Save 11%

    £ 394.86

    In Stock
  20. flavel-windsor-contemporary-plus-manual-control-coal-gas-fire-polished-silver

    Flavel Windsor Contemporary Plus Manual Control Coal Gas Fire Polished Silver

  21. flavel-strata-outset-gas-fire-black

    Flavel Strata Outset Gas Fire Black

  22. flavel-misermatic-outset-gas-fire-medium-oak

    Flavel Misermatic Outset Gas Fire Medium Oak

  23. flavel-windsor-contemporary-wall-mounted-coal-gas-fire-silver

    Flavel Windsor Contemporary Wall Mounted Coal Gas Fire Silver

  24. flavel-regent-outset-radiant-gas-fire-bronze

    Flavel Regent Outset Radiant Gas Fire Bronze - FRGCP0EN

  25. valor-brava-radiant-teak-gas-fire

    Valor Brava Radiant Teak Gas Fire - 0534701

  26. flavel-misermatic-outset-gas-fire-teak

    Flavel Misermatic Outset Gas Fire Teak - FORMT0EN

  27. robinson-willey-firegem-visa-highline-olive-gas-fire

    Robinson Willey Firegem Visa Highline Olive Gas Fire

  28. flavel-windsor-contemporary-he-wall-mounted-manual-control-coal-gas-fire-silver

    Flavel Windsor Contemporary HE Wall Mounted Manual Control Coal Gas Fire Silver

  29. valor-brazilia-f8st-beige-oak-gas-wall-heater

    Valor Brazilia F8ST Beige & Oak Gas Wall Heater

  30. flavel-misermatic-outset-gas-fire-mahogany

    Flavel Misermatic Outset Gas Fire Mahogany - FORMM0EN

  31. robinson-willey-firegem-visa-highline-deluxe-teak-gas-fire

    Robinson Willey Firegem Visa Highline Deluxe Teak Gas Fire

  32. flavel-richmond-gas-fire-slide-control-black

    Flavel Richmond Gas Fire Slide Control Black - FICC53SN

  33. flavel-welcome-outset-gas-fire-black

    Flavel Welcome Outset Gas Fire Black - FWERN0EN

  34. valor-masquerade-slimline-convector-inset-fire-pale-gold

    Valor Masquerade Slimline Convector Inset Fire Pale Gold

  35. flavel-regent-lfe-outset-gas-fire-manual-electronic-side-control-bronze

    Flavel Regent LFE Outset Gas Fire Manual Electronic Side Control Bronze

  36. flavel-kenilworth-plus-gas-fire-manual-control-black

    Flavel Kenilworth Plus Gas Fire Manual Control Black - FKPC26MN

  37. valor-excelsior-slimline-homeflame-convector-inset-gas-fire-pale-gold

    Valor Excelsior Slimline HomeFlame Convector Inset Gas Fire Pale Gold

  38. flavel-melody-slimline-gas-fire-brass

    Flavel Melody Slimline Gas Fire Brass - FDRN45G

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