Bathroom Underfloor Heating- Everything You Need to Know

Bathroom underfloor heating has soared in popularity in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Underfloor heating offers itself as an ideal space saver and provides the feeling of comfort, warmth and luxury underfoot.  Say good-bye to cold and damp bathroom floors, and say hello to toasty toes!

Why choose underfloor heating for your bathroom?

Underfloor heating systems are the ‘invisible’ alternative to standard radiators. They fit underneath your flooring and contribute towards a more spacious and minimalist bathroom design. Once the underfloor heating system is installed, there is little to no maintenance required and it makes a fantastic option for any bathroom where space is at a premium.

Whilst the upfront costs of installing underfloor heating can be expensive, it has comparatively low running costs. Underfloor heating doesn’t run at as high a temperature as a standard radiator and distributes heat evenly throughout the room. This allows you to stay cosy and save money on your energy bills all year round.

Wet or Electric?

The first step is to decide on whether you want a wet or electric underfloor heating system. A ‘wet’ system pumps warm water through pipes under the floor, whereas a ‘dry’ system consists of electric coils placed under the floor.

An electric system is the best choice for retrofitting underfloor heating in an existing bathroom. This is because an electric system is cheaper and easier to install, and doesn’t require any invasive pipework installation. On the other hand, wet systems are ideal for installation in new builds and extensions. This is because wet systems have lower running costs than electric systems and can connect to renewable energy sources.

Decide how much you need

Before ordering your underfloor heating, make sure to measure the footprint of your bathroom floor accurately. Underfloor heating cannot be installed underneath permanent fixtures in your bathroom, so avoid including measurements of fixed baths, toilets or vanity units.

You should leave a gap of approximately 6 inches between your underfloor heating and any walls or plumbing fixtures. However, always order a little more underfloor heating than you think you need. The extras may come in handy to cover any awkward spaces in your bathroom.


To achieve the full benefits of underfloor heating, the floor must be properly insulated to prevent any unnecessary energy wastage.  It is also important to choose flooring with good thermal conductivity to cover your underfloor heating. Surfaces such as tile, stone & polished screed flooring will work much better than carpet flooring.

The thickness of the tiles will affect the amount of time it takes to warm to optimum temperature, but will make no difference to the temperature once heated.  Many high quality laminates and vinyls are also compatible with underfloor heating, but you may want to check with your underfloor heating installer.

Hire a Professional

It is always recommended to hire a professional to install underfloor heating in your home. Unlike a simple radiator replacement, underfloor heating isn’t as straightforward a process. Even if you are working with electric underfloor heating mats, a Part P qualified electrician must connect your underfloor heating to the mains electrical supply for your home.

The Cost

The purchase and installation costs of underfloor heating vary greatly. Prices start from £200 for a simple ‘do it yourself’ electric matting kit, to £3,000+ for a wet system plus insulation. Whatever system you opt for, you are likely to reap savings during the lifespan of the system due to lower running costs.

For ultimate cost-savings, take a look at the range of underfloor heating controls available at PlumbNation. Using programmable and smart thermostats will help you to avoid wasting energy and will activate the heating at your desired times of the day.

Underfloor heating is the ultimate luxury heating option for your bathroom. It turns your bathroom into a warm and inviting sanctuary where you can relax and unwind in ultimate comfort. No longer will you have to hop-scotch across a cold bathroom floor, but you will be able to enjoy a gentle heat that radiates from beneath your feet. Sure to provide unrivalled comfort, underfloor heating is an investment for any home.