Give your Heated Towel Rail an Update

Bathrooms can often be one of the coldest rooms in the house, which isn't ideal when stepping out of a steaming shower or soak.

With the ever growing interest in creating attractive interiors throughout the home, the simple towel rail has experienced an aesthetic upgrade.

Many radiator brands are transforming the the design of towel rails to meet the demand for more attractive heating appliances. No longer an object for mere necessity, the simple towel radiator has become the finishing touch for a bathroom feature.

The towel rail is now available in an extensive variety of styles, finishes and sizes. You new radiator will become an attractive piece of furniture which will complete your bathroom.

Modern Means Money Saving

At PlumbNation, you will find a wide range of affordable towel rails in a variety of finishes such as chrome, white or stainless steal. Manufactured with the latest technology in mind, modern towel radiators offer higher efficiency. This is because modern radiators are made from aluminium and stainless steel. These materials are often more effective conductors of heat rather than traditional cast iron, making them more energy efficient.

toy home with money underneath

Choose a Curved Style

Curved towel rails have become a popular alternative for bathroom heating. Sleek in design and unique in appearance, the curved towel rail offers the ideal heating solution for the bathroom. The curved style provides improved heat retention due to their shape, meaning they can be more cost effective as they warm a towel in a shorter time. Therefore, curved towel rails consume less electricity.

The innovative shape of curved style radiators means the projection from the wall provides the perfect design to efficiently heat thicker towels.

Keep it Traditional

As trends continually change, traditional styles maintain a constant popularity for many homeowners. Many people are interested in reinstating the period features in their home by choosing to avoid the clean lines of contemporary design.

Traditional design does not mean you have to compromise on efficiency. Many brands are now introducing more classical towel radiators the meet the demands of homeowners refurbishing their bathrooms. This style is perfect for producing an authentic period atmosphere with the convenience of modern technology.

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Try Designer Luxury

We offer a varied range of towel radiators to suit your unique requirements. Our collection even includes luxury styles for that extra wow factor in a contemporary bathroom.

Designer towel rails are available in numerous styles, sizes and brands. From classic curved or flat panelled designs to the more adventurous shapes, the perfect towel radiator is available at PlumbNation.

Our diverse range of manufacturers means we can offer a comprehensive selection of heated towel rails such as vertical and horizontal. We can also offer a diverse choice of finishes such as white, chrome or black to create the perfect heating solution for your bathroom.

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