Top Heating Choices For The Home


Creating a warm environment within your home is paramount in creating a comfortable space where all the family can enjoy. This is especially important during the long cold nights of winter.

There are a number of top heating solutions for the home to suit the various demands of every room. Smaller spaces such as en suites may benefit from underfloor heating to free up valuable wall space, whereas a welcoming focal feature like a multi fuel stove is ideal for the living room.

Here you'll find the top heating choices for homeowners in the UK and inspiring ways to incorporate them into your own home.


Radiators come in all shapes and sizes to suit modern or traditional homes and are unrivalled in their popular versatility to heat any room in the house.

The panel radiator comes in an assortment of styles and sizes. The smooth features of flat panel radiators are ideal for those looking for minimalist and low maintenance design. Style and efficiency are the key features of modern steel radiators as the outstanding quality and performance of convector radiators justifies their unwavering popularity in the UK.

Column radiators exude style and classic charm. This range is highly adaptable as these attractive radiators compliment both traditional décor and contemporary design. The robust style creates a characteristic focal feature to the home and is a great decorative alternative to the standard panel radiator.

Fires and Stoves

Fires and multi fuel stoves are a great way to efficiently heat your home and create a beautiful design feature. Modern developments such as clean burn technology mean these contemporary stoves are now easier to use and maintain. Fires add great character to a property which is why they have maintained consistent popularity in Britain. Multi fuel stoves are ideal for homeowners that want an authentic fire as they offer a choice of fuel options such as coal or wood.

Gas and electric fires provide energy efficiency and a cleaner alternative to a traditional wood burner. The electric and gas fire range offer great convenience for any homeowner as the systems are highly efficient and simple to install. Electric fires are well suited for homes without a chimney. As electric fires don't burn any solid fuels they produce no smoke or fumes meaning they require minimal maintenance. Gas fires are useful for households requiring instant heat with great energy efficiency and environmental benefits. Like an electric fire, gas does not give off sparks so reduces potential damage and fire risks.

electric fire stove

Underfloor heating

The overall heat emission from the floor creates an even heat meaning lower temperatures are required to heat the home. This means that underfloor heating is highly efficient as it warms the entire area from the ground up. There are two types of underfloor heating; wet system which uses pipes to circulate hot water from the central heating, and electric which uses heating mats installed onto the sub-floor. You can use several boilers with underfloor heating, including oil, combi, gas, LPG, system, and condensing.

Electric underfloor heating uses a network of cables that are wired up to a thermostat and the mains electricity. Therefore, electric systems be used independently from the household central heating. It is very affordable and simple to install, however it's not an efficient heating option for large or multiple rooms.

The traditional water-based system is costly to install as it involves removing the floor in an existing building. Hot water systems can increase floor height by at least 60mm due to the concrete screed that is required. Therefore, this form of UFH is most suitable for new homes or extensions where the systems can be installed during the building process.