Cleaning Trends


What are the hottest social cleaning trends in the world?

Following the festive fun of the holiday period, reality returns for many into the new year. In any area of the house, be it bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, gardens, and more, cleaning can often be seen as a tedious chore, but it doesn't have to be. Results of the hard work can be satisfying, and discovering a handy hack, product, or technique can aid in your cleaning efforts.

Social media has changed the game when it comes to discovering and sharing sensational cleaning innovation, as so many cleaning influencers have been able to use social platforms to share and demonstrate their skills. Subsequently, many previously unknown cleaning routines and products have become popular as they trend on social media.

But which cleaning trends are people currently most interested in? By launching a detailed study into the recent public interest in certain cleaning methods and products, as well as their social media popularity. The hottest global cleaning trends have been identified.

The Most Searched Cleaning Trends

The most searched cleaning trends

1 - Washing Cars, 76.55 million searches in 2021:

The most searched for cleaning trend in 2021 was washing cars, the pursuit of perfection in presenting their car clearly motivated people to discover how to do it correctly. While people spent less time driving their cars during the pandemic, they clearly did not neglect to keep them clean.

2 - Mopping, 12.22 million searches in 2021:

Of all the household cleaning jobs, mopping had the most Google searches worldwide. Despite the more widespread use of floor cleaning gadgets such as steam cleaners, the humble mop and bucket approach garnered the most public interest.

3 - Air Purifiers, 7.91 million searches in 2021:

The unseen dirty menace in your home that needs cleaning is in the air, unlike visible mess dirty air is not often the first thing people think of cleaning. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has educated people to be alert for the dangers that could be lurking in the air, as a result, searches for air purifiers have been very high.

The Most Instagrammable Cleaning Trends

The Most Instagrammable Cleaning Trends

1 - Spring Cleaning, 1.25 million Instagram hashtags:

The spring clean is one of the most traditional phrases associated with cleaning trends, the godfather of cleaning trends is still ruling the roost when it comes to popularity on Instagram. It is the only one of any of the trends studied to have over a million hashtag mentions on the photo-sharing site.

2 - Carpet Cleaning, 947.81 thousand Instagram hashtags:

Carpet cleaning is the second most popular cleaning trend on Instagram with just under 950 thousand hashtags. Carpets can be one of the most frustrating things to clean, as it is easy for dirt to get trodden into them, whilst spillage of strongly coloured liquids can cause devastating discolouration. Consequently, quality carpet cleaning escapades are very popular online.

3 - Car Cleaning, 468.9 thousand Instagram hashtags:

The third most popular cleaning trend on Instagram is car cleaning, this activity can take many forms. From washing and polishing the outside of a vehicle to giving the insides a thorough cleaning to make the interior look and feel factory fresh.

TikTok Cleaning Trends

TikTok Cleaning Trends

1 - Clean with Me, 2 billion TikTok views:

The most popular cleaning trend on TikTok with an astronomical 2 billion views, 'clean with me' is a hashtag often added to videos by cleaning influencers to encourage their subscribers to clean along with them. Having someone show you the ropes can be extremely useful during cleaning.

2 - Scrub Daddy, 944.2 million TikTok views:

Scrub Daddy is a brand of cleaning products, and using them to great effect has become one of the most popular cleaning trends in the world. With just under 1 billion views on TikTok, it is some way off top spot but still is immensely popular amongst the users of the social media platform.

3 - Carpet Cleaning, 795 million TikTok views:

Carpet cleaning is the only trend that appears in the top three most popular on both TikTok and Instagram. On the former platform, there have been 795 million views for the hashtag, making it the third most popular. This is over 600 million more views than the average number for the top 50 trends.

The Most Popular Cleaning Trends

The top ten cleaning trends overall is identical to the top ten most popular on TikTok, as the video-sharing platform has by far the biggest engagement in terms of the number of views. Consequently, the top five overall cleaning trends are; Clean with me, Scrub Daddy, Carpet Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, and Car Cleaning.

The Most Popular Cleaning Trends

Top Bathroom Cleaning Trends

Top Bathroom Cleaning Trends

1 - Toilet Overload, 427.8 million overall:

Despite only having 440 Google searches and 17 Instagram hashtags, toilet overload is a TikTok sensation with over 400 million views.

2 - Mopping Floors, 74.36 million overall:

Mopping floors has 73 million views on TikTok, on top of this it has over a thousand hashtags on Instagram, and 660 thousand Google Searches.

3 - Natural Cleaning, 19.73 million overall:

Natural cleaning has the highest amount of Instagram hashtags of any bathroom cleaning trend, with over 150 thousand. Moreover, they had 19.5 million views on TikTok.


  • An extensive list of cleaning trends was collected.
  • The number of Google searches was discovered using Google Keyword Planner. The searches recorded were the global amount in a 12 month period between January 2021 and December 2021.
  • The number of Instagram hashtag mentions was found by searching each trend on Instagram. Social media data was recorded on the 24th and 25th January 2022.
  • The number of TikTok views was discovered by searching each trend as a hashtag on TikTok.