Homespiration - What are the biggest home improvement trends right now?


What are the biggest home improvement trends right now?

While a well constructed residential building can stand strong against the harsh punishment that the world throws against it, this is just a house and not a home. Making a house a home is vital in creating a comfortable, welcoming feel.

One way to achieve this is by way of home improvement. This can not only improve the house for its residents but also add significant value to the property. From painting and decorating to bathroom redesigns, and kitchen renovations, there are many ways to improve a home.

But what are the most popular trends right now? By looking at the social engagement for a multitude of popular home improvement trends, the biggest trends in home improvement have been revealed.

On top of this, the people who inspire home improvement are vitally important in spreading inspiration and knowledge for different trends. Therefore, the biggest homefluencers across Instagram have been ranked so that you know who to follow for the best home improvement tips.

The most popular home renovations

The Most Popular Home Renovations

Top 3 Popular Home Renovations

1. Kitchen renovations - 130 million posts

With more than 130 million posts across Instagram and TikTok, the kitchen takes the top spot as the most popular room to renovate, or at least the most popular to document on social media.

From simply giving this room a new colour scheme to ripping everything out and redesigning it from scratch, social media home DIYers seem to be focusing more of their efforts on the kitchen than any other room of the house.

2. Bathroom renovations - 81.4 million posts

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the house - we do spend some essential alone time in this room after all. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise to us that the second most popular room to renovate is the bathroom.

With so many new trends to try out, people are opting to say goodbye to shabby tiles and avocado suites for a fresh look.

3. Garden renovations- 35 million posts

For those of us who are lucky enough to have our own garden, it has been an essential lifeline during lockdowns, and it seems as though many people have used the time to give their outdoor space a new look.

With 35 million posts across Instagram and TikTok tagging garden renovations, the garden comes in at the third most popular home renovation.

The most popular home improvement trends

Most Popular Home Improvement Trends

Top 3 Popular Home Improvement Trends

1. Smart home - 1.4 billion posts

The common phrase work smarter, not harder is now being transferred to home improvements as turning your home into a smart home has had 1.4 billion posts across Instagram and TikTok on social media.

Installing things such as smart boilers and meters can save energy, moreover, AI home systems can control lighting, music and more throughout your home.

2. Fire pit - 244 million posts

The second-biggest home improvement trend was also the most popular garden improvement trend. Fire pits have become increasingly popular in recent times, as people prefer to sit out at home rather than travel out to the pub.

During lockdown periods, fire pits were completely sold out from most retailers, but now they're back for people to get involved in this popular home improvement trend.

3. Home bar - 150 million posts

For the third most popular home improvement trend, we have something else that will have come in handy during lockdown, no doubt. The home bar is something of a bucket list home improvement item for most of us.

However, with 150 million posts across the two social platforms, it's clear that many people are making this a reality in their homes.

The most popular bathroom trends

Most Popular Bathroom Trends

Top 3 Popular Bathroom Trends

1. Freestanding bath - 3.2 million posts

The freestanding bathtub has long been a bathroom renovation favourite, offering a touch of luxury to the room. Whether you prefer a traditional roll-top design or a more modern slipper tub, you'll be in good company if you opt for this bathroom trend.

With 3.2 million posts across Instagram and TikTok, the freestanding tub is the most popular bathroom trend in 2021.

2. Walk-in shower - 1.9 million posts

The most sought after bathrooms seem to have something in common, and that's keeping the bathtub and shower separate. While freestanding baths take the top spot for the most popular bathroom trends, they are followed by the walk-in shower with 1.9 million posts.

This trend can give a bathroom a particularly modern feel as well as offering plenty of opportunities to stamp your own style on the design.

3. Black bathroom - 1.1 million posts

Black is the new black with this bathroom trend. While we're used to seeing white, almost clinical looking bathrooms, this trend tones down the brightness of the room, making it more conducive to relaxation time.

With 1.1 million posts, it looks like the black bathroom is set to be more popular than the traditional white tiled look.

The most influential homefluencers

Most Popular Influencers Table

Top 3 Influencers

1: Galey Alix (@galeyalix), total homefluncer score - 8.25/10

Galey Alix is by far the most popular homefluencer across Instagram and TikTok as she achieved an overall score of 8.25/10, by comparison, the average of the top 50 is 1.65/10. Overall, she has 3 million followers, and averages 772,000 hearts on her TikTok videos, on top of this she has an engagement rate of 27.87%.

2: Emily Rayna (@emilyraynadesigns), total homefluencer score - 5.7/10

The second most popular homefluencer is Emily Rayna who scored 5.7/10. Emily has a much bigger following on TikTok than Instagram with the majority of her 5 million followers coming on the video-sharing site. She earns £3,284 per post which is the most of any homefluencer, and 43,100 likes per video on average.

3: Noell and Daniel Jett (@jettsetfarmhouse), total homefluencer score - 5.12/10

Couple Noell and Daniel Jett have used social media to show them doing up their farmhouse to become a dream home; they now have 4 million followers. On top of this, they earn £2,555 on average per video, have a 3.15% engagement rate on posts, and average 110,150 hearts per video.


Using a variety of lists and articles, we compiled a list of some of the most home improvement trends. Using this list as well as a list of rooms within the house, we studied Instagram and TikTok data to discover which rooms and trends were tagged in the most posts across the social media platforms. This meant that we searched using terms such as 'kitchen renovation'.

We also looked at some of the most popular 'homefluencers' on social media and used the Influencer Marketing Hub tool to discover statistics regarding their potential earnings, number of followers, engagement rates and likes. Using this data, we gave a score to each influencer, taking each factor into account and giving a normalised score out of 10 for each, before taking an average to give their total 'homefluencer' score.