How to Spruce up Your Bathroom this Spring

Over time, our bathrooms can show the tell tale signs of frequent use. While most of us would love to completely replace the bathroom, many of us just don't have to budget to do so.

Luckily, you don't always have to undergo the massive undertaking that a complete bathroom renovation entails, there a small and cost effective ways to update your bathroom this Spring.

Here are some simple and easy solutions to transform any bathroom and give it a fresh lease of life.

Treat yourself to some new bathroom taps

Bathroom taps take a lot of ware and tear due to frequent use, which can lead them to not looking so fancy. Over time, lime scale can build up and tarnishing can really show the age of your fixtures. Investing in a band new set of taps for the sink and bath is a cost effective and speedy solution to updating your tired bathroom. Check out our website for our full range of bathroom accessories.

chrome bathroom mixer tapSagittarius Blade Monobloc tap

Get rid of that outdated shower curtain

Banish mould and bacteria by replacing your shower curtain with a shower bath screen. Shower curtains require frequent cleaning or often need replacing, however swapping your outdated shower curtain with a glass screen can save you time and money. Now designed with water repellent finishes to protect against the accumulation of smears and lime scale. Create a sleek and contemporary look with minimal maintenance.

curved shower bath screenTwyford Outfit single Panel Bath Screen

Make your toilet fit for royalty

Replacing a toilet seat is a cheap and effective way to spruce up your bathroom, and can be fitted in a matter of minutes! Old seats can breed bacteria which can be difficult to clean around the hinges and the underside. They can also loosen up over time so replacing this offers the perfect solution for a Spring refresh.

traditional white toilet

Time for a colour change

If your bathroom is looking a little dull, drab or boring, why not freshen it up with a new lick of paint or some new accessories! Small spaces such as bathrooms offer a great opportunity to quickly repaint and add a splash of colour. Neutral base shades provide a wonderful base for you to play with statement accessories such as new towels and accessories.

white paint and paintbrush

Re-grout the tiles

Through time, the grout between tiles can discolour and look less than attractive with mould build up. Quickly revive your bathroom by re-grouting, and why not try a different colour such as grey! Darker coloured grout shows less wear and tear than traditional white.