Kitchen Sinks: The Definitive Guide

The kitchen sink is an item that is often overlooked when designing a kitchen refurbishment as its functionality outweighs its aesthetic appeal. However, the style of your kitchen sink will determine the overall appearance of the kitchen whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary finish.

As well as style, functionality and durability are a must. Kitchen sinks are long term installations that isn’t often replaced so it's important to consider a material and colour that will endure regular use.

This guide discusses the various options available from material to mounting type, giving you a comprehensive insight into the sink that will best suit your needs.


The two most popular materials used for kitchen sinks are stainless steel and ceramic due to their many practical benefits. Both offer durability and timeless style suitable for both modern and traditional kitchens.

Stainless steel is a functional and long wearing material designed to be robust and easy to clean. Often cheaper than a ceramic alternative, stainless steel is an ideal option for a contemporary styled kitchen. Overall, stainless steel kitchen sinks offer durable resistance against stains and high temperatures. However, stainless steel does tend to show water spots more obviously and often scratch more than ceramic. This can be overcome by selecting a satin finish which will help prevent visible wear.

stainless steel kitchen sink

Ceramic offers a traditional option for kitchens that are long wearing, resistant to high temperatures and won’t dent from impact. The robust and timeless design has made this type of sink a popular option for kitchen refits, especially the iconic Belfast.

If not maintained properly, ceramic sinks can chip or crack leading to staining as the glaze is compromised from the damage. These sinks are also much heavier than stainless steel alternatives, so requires a cabinet which can hold this extra weight.

white kitchen sink


Inset sinks are placed on the surface of the kitchen worktop, so they are extremely easy to install. They are supported by their frame and their versatility means that they are compatible with any worktop material.

chrome kitchen sink

Under-mount sinks offer stylish minimalism as their rimless design means the worktop seamlessly fits to the sink. These have a more complex installation process as they are fitted into the bottom of the worktop, requiring correct sealing and support. This extra support required means under-mount sinks are compatible only with sturdy worktop materials such as granite and quartz.

chrome kitchen sink on black worktop


There are a variety of styles and sizes available for sinks to suite any kitchen layout. The space available in your kitchen will determine the choices you have regarding style and dimensions. The material of you worktops will also impact the type of sink you chose as under-mounted designs require solid materials for support. When considering the size for your new sink, you need to address the practicalities of use and needs. Multiple sinks are ideal for those with busy kitchens and require extra space for multitasking. On the other hand, an individual sink is perfect for a kitchen where space is at a premium.

Single bowl kitchen sinks take up minimal room on the worktop, however they do not compromise on functionality as they offer ample space for washing large dishes. This style provides an ideal solution for smaller kitchens. Single bowl sinks can also be purchased as a round bowl for an unconventional design feature.

1.5 bowl kitchen sinks are perfect if you’re a multitasker or have a busy kitchen. These kitchen sinks give you the option to do multiple tasks simultaneously such as rinsing vegetables and soaking dishes. The multiple sink option is highly convenient for domestic kitchens and can be compatible with any worktop material.

kitchen sink with chrome tap

If a 1.5 bowl option isn't quite big enough for your kitchen, a double bowl is ideal for larger kitchens. Double bowl models provide additional sink space for convenience of use. Double bowl sinks are available as either under-mounted or inset meaning they can be installed in any kitchen.

black kitchen sink with tap