The Rise of Black Fixtures in the Home

Black fixtures for the home are becoming the latest big style trend, and it's easy to see why.

People are looking to create an interior design statement and black fixtures offer a subtle wow factor to the simple additions to the home. Crisp, contemporary and striking, black fixtures offer the ideal style statement.

Black Fittings in the Bathroom and Kitchen

In the modern home, black fixtures can be added around the home to create design continuity. From kitchen taps, showers and radiators, there's increasing interest for fixtures in darker tones. Creating a subtle statement within your home has become a must for many homeowners as we all try to create a refuge which reflects our individual styles.

Using the latest technology, you can find the perfect addition to your property which easy to maintain and designed for durability. Popular rooms in the home which have shown a shift to the more unconventional coloured fixtures are the bathroom and kitchen. Accessories such as taps and shower systems offer the ideal style statement, as they don't overwhelm the room. Adding that extra personality to your home refurbishment, black fitting can be used to standout against white backgrounds, or blend seamlessly with darker decor.

With dark toned fixtures establishing themselves in the bathroom and kitchen areas of the home, manufacturers are now expanding to other areas in home decor.

black shower and shower screen

Quinn Luxury Coloured Radiators

Identifying a clear gap in the market for black heating fixtures, Quinn offer a range of dark and matt finished radiators. A leading manufacturer in the heating industry, Quinn provides high quality radiators in a range of colours. Offering a collection of horizontal and vertical styles, Quinn radiators are exceptional in design quality. The comprehensive selection is also available in a choice of colours and finishes to suit your needs. Quinn also provide a wide selection of dark finishes for your radiator such as 'Matt Charcoal' and 'Gun Metal' meaning even your radiators can become a design feature.

With improved efficiency, Quinn’s unique technology is designed to maintain a high heat output, and reduced costs. The extensive range from Quinn means you’ll find something to match any budget. Once you’ve found the perfect radiator, learn how to remove a radiator and replace the old one with your new fitting.

black horizontal radiator