Bathroom Taps Buying Guide

From modern monobloc mixers to contemporary waterfall taps, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing taps for your bathroom.

At PlumbNation we have a wide range of styles, sizes and designs to suit your bathroom. This guide is designed to help you decide which tap is best for you and provides an overview of everything you need to consider before buying. If you're looking for how to change bathroom taps, we have a guide which provides everything you need to know before buying your new bathroom taps.


When it comes to style, the design of your basin will determine the design of your tap. Traditional basins tend to have two holes for two separate taps, whereas modern sinks are likely to have a single hole for a mixer tap.

It may be the case that you have a countertop sink or freestanding bathtub that does not have the space for deck mounted taps. In this instance, wall-mounted or freestanding taps are beautiful contemporary solutions that make a striking focal point in the bathroom.

Water pressure

Water pressure will play a pivotal role in deciding which tap to buy. Many households in the UK have low water pressure (without any additional pressure boosting systems installed). Typically, water is fed through to the water taps via a gravity fed system, such as a tank in the loft. However if you have a combi boiler or an Unvented Hot Water Cylinder installed then you can make full use of the high mains pressure available, and a wider choice of water tap options.

Check the current pressure of the hot water system, water pressure can be measured in three common units, bar, psi and Head (m).

1 bar = 14.5 psi = 10 metres Head

For example if the vertical distance from the tank to the water tap is 5m then there will be approximately 0.5 bar maximum pressure available. However if the pipes make several bends or have long horizontal runs then the available water pressure will be reduced.

Each water tap will state its minimum requirement for water pressure (for example 1 bar). You can normally find this information within the product information or brochure however if in doubt we recommend that you contact the manufacturer of the tap or tap accessories directly.

Tap types

Deck mounted tap

Deck mounted taps are attached to the bath or basin itself through drilled holes. They can be pillar taps fitted through both holes, or single lever monoblocs fitted through a single hole. Deck mounted taps are the most popular option in the UK as they are compatible with most basin models and are easier to plumb in.

Pillar tap

Pillar taps take the form of two separate taps and are usually seen on traditional style basins. One tap draws hot water and the other draws cold water. Both hot and cold water flows separately into the bath or basin.

Mixer tap

Mixer taps are also suitable for basins that have two holes. They draw water from the hot and cold pipes and mix the two flows together before they emerge from a single spout. This makes it easier to achieve your desired temperature as you aren't limited to just hot and cold settings.

Mixer taps are also great for family environments. They can be used to fill a bath to the exact temperature you want without having to run scalding hot water in the tub and then top it off with cold. This is a safer option for when children are near the area.

chrome bathroom twin lever tap

Monobloc mixer tap

When your basin or bath has just one tap hole, a monobloc mixer is the only suitable option. A monoboloc mixer tap is a single built-up unit that contains one or two tap handles and one spout. These can be deck mounted on a bath or basin and can also be mounted on a work surface overhanging a countertop basin.

Monobloc mixer taps come in various styles and feature crosshead handles, lever handles and dual lever handles.

waterfall mixer tap

Wall mounted tap

Wall mounted taps are an effortlessly elegant option for the modern bathroom and look incredibly striking. They protrude over the bath or basin and contribute to a highly integrated feel. Wall mounted taps can be more challenging to install than standard taps because the pipes and plumbing are hidden within the wall itself. Once installed however, wall mounted taps add a luxury feel and breathe new life into an otherwise tired bathroom decor.

Freestanding taps

Rolltop, slipper and clawfoot bathtubs have soared in popularity in recent years, and more and more of us are in need of guidance on taps. Freestanding bathtubs usually cannot accommodate a deck-mounted tap, so they require a floor-standing model that is either a free standing bath tap or a standpipe. At PlumbNation there is a wide range of freestanding bath taps - some of which also come with a shower mixer to give you all the bathing options you could want.

freestanding mixer tap

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