Choosing the Perfect Toilet


During a bathroom refurbishment, the toilet is normally an afterthought when it comes to choosing new fixtures. The humble toilet doesn't quite have the same aesthetic appeal compared to installing a roll top bath or a luxury walk-in shower, so it often gets overlooked. Toilets are essential for any bathroom as they are one of the most frequently used fixtures. It is therefore paramount to consider what you want out of a toilet both in style and quality.

Toilet Types

There is now a broad selection of styles and installation types to suite any home. From the traditional models which feature classic curved characteristics to more contemporary shapes.

Most toilets can be categorised into three main styles; close coupled, back to wall and wall mounted. This quick guide is designed to inform you of the key styles and the most suitable toilet for your taste and budget.


The most common and traditional style, close coupled toilets are perhaps the most popular toilet choice in Britain. It's is due to the versatility and affordability of the product. Close coupled toilets also offer simple and swift installation for a quick bathroom refresh. Additionally, these toilets offer a choice of soil pipe locations which is highly convenient for locating your new toilet anywhere within the bathroom.

The close coupled toilet is named because the cistern and bowl are closely connected. It is a floor standing fixture with a visible cistern attached behind the bowl. These toilets are able to suit any style of bathroom due to the great range of designs. The versatility of close coupled toilets means its popularity will continue to dominate.

white close coupled toilet

Back to Wall

Sleek and stylish in design, back to wall toilets are a more modern option when considering a bathroom refurbishment. These are similar to close coupled toilets as they are positioned against a wall or unit. However, a back to wall toilet features a concealed cistern within the wall or bathroom furniture.

This type of toilet is ideal for more contemporary bathrooms as the cistern is hidden away creating space and minimalist style. Back to wall toilets are also ideal for small ensuites or cloakrooms as they are compact and create the illusion of space. Installation is straightforward as this style is also cheaper than a wall mounted toilet which requires an additional support frame.

Wall Mounted

Perhaps the most contemporary choice of toilet styles, wall mounted toilets are modern in design and usability. Only the toilet bowl is exposed, creating minimalist functionality and the illusion of space within the bathroom. Wall mounted toilets have no visible cistern or pedestal as the toilet is suspended above the ground.

Manufactured from high quality and durable materials, the wall mounted toilet can typically support around 200kg when installed and supported with a strong wall frame.

wall mounted toilet