How to Boost Your Property's Value


If you want to work your way up the property ladder, you need to know how to maximise the value of your home. You can make big profits by working with the space you've got, and when it comes to making money - the best place to start with is the bathroom.

It's not always necessary to fork out for a costly kitchen extension or conservatory installation. The bathroom is considered an essential feature by most home buyers and is much cheaper to renovate than a kitchen. If done right, adding or renovating a bathroom will always add more value to the property than it costs and can boost re-sale profits by up to 6.10%.

Bathtubs boost profits

Having a bath can dramatically improve the marketing of your property and will subsequently increase the house price. Without a bath, it may take longer than usual to sell your house and may affect how much buyers are prepared to offer. This is because young children need to be bathed, and first-time buyers usually look for a family-friendly environment. If a young family is looking to buy a 3 bed semi-detatched house, then having no bath is likely to put them off. Shower-baths are perfect for smaller bathrooms as it saves you from installing two separate enclosures. Alternatively, freestanding baths work well in tight or awkwardly shaped spaces.

Install a downstairs toilet

According to property management company Movewithus, an extra bathroom will increase your house value by up to 6.10%. Ideally, you should install your second bathroom downstairs on the ground floor. Whether it is a large suite or a small cloakroom, a downstairs toilet is a major requirement because it offers easy access for guests and elderly occupants. This assures potential homeowners that the property will be suitable for them in their old age. Whilst you may incur a setback of £2,500 to £4,000 for installing a new bathroom, it can increase your house value by up to £18,000 depending on the size and location of your property.

Consider a wet room

If possible, try to incorporate a shower in your second bathroom. Families are never short of arguments when it comes to the morning rush, and having an extra shower in the home can really increase its value. If you have a small cloakroom, consider turning it into a wet room to make it shower-friendly. Simply waterproof the area and separate the toilet from the shower with a glass screen divide. This will give the bathroom the versatility it needs.

Spruce up the essentials

An attractive, hygienic looking bathroom is important to buyers. Small changes will breathe new life into the washroom without breaking the bank. When money is tight, keep the toilet and bath but add a statement sink to lift the whole room. Regrout and replace old taps, and make sure at least one bathroom has a shower it is an essential for most buyers. It is important to create the illusion of greater bathroom space, so use mirrors to bounce light around the room and opt for a chic shower glass screen rather than a shower curtain. This will add depth to the bathroom and visually open up the area.

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