Bathroom Brainteasers Answers

Following our "Bathroom Brainteasers" blog last week, we have provided the answers below, we hope your brain was tested as much as ours! Centred around bathrooms, each brainteaser featured a bathroom essential that needed to be spotted. The tests have had people zooming in and staring at the screen for up to five minutes, how long did it take you to spot them?

Ducking great job


Over one in ten (11%) people took longer than five minutes to spot the duck with tufts, while over one in five (22%) gave up completely.

Roll with it

Find the toilet roll

Over the last few years, we've all had to become more eagle-eyed to spot the last roll of toilet paper and the practice has paid off as over one in five (22%) spotting the toilet roll in under 10 seconds!

You've got to be frogging me

Find the frog

This little frog is far from the usual bathroom essentials, but that didn't stop a third of people from finding him in under 10 seconds! How long did it take you?

Just keep brushing

Find the the toothbrush

While most of us keep our toothbrushes by the bathroom sink, this person seems to have misplaced theirs, could you find it? Over one in five (22%) of people couldn't find it and gave up.

Let's get mathsy

Solve the equation

We all must have been keeping up with our brain training as over two-thirds of people got the answer in under 20 seconds!