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PlumbNation Shower Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking for a new shower as part of a modern wet room, a classic enclosure or for use with a bath, it’s important to choose the right shower as it’s something you’ll use every day! Our shower buying guide is a simple to use tool that is provided to help you choose the right shower for your home and system.

Firstly, you’ll need to know what type of water system you have, as this determines which type of shower is suitable for your property:

Low Pressure Gravity System

Combi Boiler

Unvented Hot Water System

How to Tell

You’ll have a water tank in the loft, plus a hot water cylinder Suitable for shower pumps

You won’t have any tanks or water cylinders

You’ll have a hot water cylinder but no cold water storage

Digital Mixer Showers

Mixer Showers - come in high and low pressure valves to suit the system type

Electric Showers - the only shower type that can be fed using just the cold mains supply, and are therefore suitable for any property type

Power Showers



Shower Example

Choose a shower type

Depending on the water system you have, certain shower types will offer a more suitable solution for your home than others, and choosing the right shower type can reduce your water bills.

Mixer Showers

Priced from around £50 inc VAT

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers combine hot and cold water supplies to achieve your desired water temperature and offer the most cost-effective shower solution. The Bristan Zing Cool Touch Bar Mixer is just £52.25 inc delivery and VAT, and offers a complete mixer shower kit with shower head, riser rail and exposed thermostatic valve. Mixer showers generally provide a faster flow than electric showers, so keep this in mind when deciding between the two if you prefer a more powerful shower or alternatively, if you’re on a water meter and would prefer a softer flow. Thermostatic mixer showers are a great choice for family homes, as water temperature is maintained to prevent scalding. Thermostatic mixer shower controls can either be exposed or concealed, depending entirely on your taste and bathroom decor. Diverter and stop valves can also be added as accessories to a complete mixer shower, providing further functionality and design customisation. Our most popular complete mixer shower is the Mira Realm Diverter ERD Mixer Shower . A bath shower mixer uses the hot and cold bath taps to mix water to the desired temperature and provides an alternative to a traditional mixer shower and riser rail, or wall-fed shower. A bath shower mixer is the perfect choice when a shower is required for a free standing bath. Our range of bath shower mixers include wall mounted, floor mounted, deck-mounted and monobloc models.

Mixer shower pros:

• Lowest cost shower type • High flow rate • Easy to install and use • Thermostatic mixer showers are good for use in family homes to prevent children from scalding • Contemporary and traditional designs available, adding a touch of style and complementing any bathroom interior • Additional accessories are available to customise the design and functionality of your mixer shower, including diverter and valves • A bath shower mixer enables use of a shower head in a freestanding bath

Mixer shower cons:

• Faster flow than electric showers, therefore using more water - not the most cost-effective choice if you’re on a water meter • Only works with water systems that have a combi boiler or immersion heater • Mixer showers that are not thermostatically controlled may scald if water supply is required elsewhere in the house, for example toilet flushing

View our full range of Mixer Showers

Digital mixer showers

Priced from around £110 inc VAT

Digital Mixer Showers

Digital showers use the latest technology to mix water from hot and cold mains supply through a small processor box to achieve your desired temperature. The processor box can be discreetly installed out of sight, for example in your airing cupboard, ceiling or under the bath. Water is fed to the shower head via the wall, ceiling or riser rail, meaning you don’t have to drill through your bathroom tiles. Thermostatic temperature control ensures no temperature fluctuations even when water supply is required elsewhere in the home. Some digital showers like the Mira Vision Dual HP Digital Mixer Shower - Rear Fed  have wireless controllers that can be placed up to 10m away from the shower, so you can set your desired temperature and water flow before you get in. A second controller can also be added, to offer the ultimate control in and out of the shower.


Digital mixer shower pros:

• More precise temperature control • Contemporary design • Control panel can be placed up to 10 away if wireless or features Bluetooth, providing flexible control • Available in single shower head models, or as a dual shower with overhead shower and hand shower • More features than other shower types, such warm-up mode, clock display, shower timer and eco setting • Mixer and electric models available Digital shower mixer cons: • Pricier than other shower types View our full range of Digital Mixer Showers

Electric showers

Priced from around £75 inc VAT

Electric showers

Electric showers draw water from the cold mains and heating it over a heating element, just like a kettle. This functionality makes electric showers suitable for use with any type of water system and they are particularly ideal for systems that don’t have hot water storage. Electric showers are a quick and convenient shower solution ideal for en-suites and downstairs bathrooms, as they don’t require connection to a hot water feed.

The higher the kilowatt of an electric shower, the more powerful it is. For electric showers over 9.5kW, it’s possible you may need a new electrical cable and we recommend installation by an electrician or plumber.

Electric shower pros:

• Always ready to use at any time • Low cost • Suitable for any water system – only requires cold mains supply • Ideal for en-suites or downstairs bathrooms, as a connection to hot water is not required • Temperature not affected by other water usage in the house • Provides hot water even if your boiler breaks

Electric shower cons:

• Weaker flow than mixer showers • Prone to lime scale build-up that could affect shower performance • More bulky than mixer showers, taking up more space • Needs professional installation, which raises cost shower buying guide

The Mira Sport 7.5kW  View our full range of Electric Showers

Power showers

Priced from around £160 inc VAT

Power Showers

Power showers incorporate a built-in pump to provide a more powerful water spray than other types of showers, making them a popular choice. Power showers work in the same way as mixer showers, mixing water from hot and cold supplies to a desired temperature. Power showers are only suitable for use in gravity fed low pressure systems, and are ideal for water homes with plenty of hot water. shower buying guide

The Mira Vigour Thermostatic Power Shower offers safety, performance and value for money.

Power shower pros: • Provides a powerful, invigorating water spray, even at low water pressure as internal pump boosts water spray • Greater flow and temperature control than mixer showers • Easier than buying a mixer shower and shower pump

Power shower cons: • More expensive than electric showers shower buying guide shower buying guide shower buying guide shower buying guide • Use more water than other types of shower – something to keep in mind if you’re on a water meter • Bulkier design than mixer showers

View our range of Power Showers

Once you’ve chosen your shower from the shower buyi/site/power-showers/ng guide, you can purchase your complete shower basket with a full range of shower enclosures  , shower pumps  , wet rooms  and shower trays available to buy at .