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Electric Showers

The electric shower is a firm favourite for many homeowners as they are highly economical, and the installation procedure is quick and easy. By design, electric shower units will only heat the water that is used while showering, meaning there is no unnecessary wastage of excess hot water. If you're unsure that a modern electric shower would be suitable for your home, then you'll be glad to know that they are fully compatible with all water pressure systems, as they only require a cold-water supply to function. Ideal for the demands of a busy modern home, electric showers combine functionality and efficiency in a stylish exterior to suit any bathroom.

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An Electric Shower is a very suitable option for your Bathroom when you are in need of classic, economic Shower to simply get the job done. They are simple to install and will always provide you with instant hot water (no need to heat your Hot Water Cylinder or use your Combi Boiler). Electric Showers only require a cold water supply and an electrical supply. Different sized kW units will require different sized supply Cable. Check with your installer before purchase. An Electric Shower must be installed by a qualified electrician.