Small Bathroom? How to Go BIG On Style

Bathroom design has moved on leaps and bounds in the last few years, and thankfully there are some great space-savvy solutions for you to choose from. Be inspired by these tips and tricks so you can give your bathroom a taste of 5* glamour!

So you may not have the biggest bathroom in the world, but you can still maximise that space and have all the style and luxury you deserve. A well-thought-out bathroom design can fit all the essentials into the tiniest of just takes a touch of ingenuity and the right fittings.

Use those corners

Transform your bathroom space with a bang on trend Pentangle shower enclosure. They offer stunning neo-angled design and make a contemporary centrepiece for any bathroom. They fit neatly into the corner of the wall and are a luxury space saving option for the modern bathroom. But shhh...despite their grand looks and practical shape, they are a relatively rare find.

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For those who are big on curves, a Quadrant or D-shaped shower enclosure will fit perfectly into the nooks or crannies of any bathroom. They are easy to install and provide ample enough space to enjoy a morning wash in ultimate comfort. Top tip? Avoid full pivot or swinging doors as they will require extra clearance space outside the shower area.

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Opt for Scandinavian chic

If you have a small bathroom, consider turning it into a Scandinavian-inspired wet room. Wet rooms offer greater showering space and add value to your property. Simply contact a professional to waterproof the shower area, create a floor gradient and install a recessed shower tray then you are good to go. Remember to shield your bathroom linen from the shower spray with a simple glass screen.

Go digital

Smarten up your wash with the latest digital shower. These are game changers for comfort, style and efficiency in the shower room. A sleek LCD screen replaces the shower mixer bar, and you can set the temperature, program the flow and warm up the water before you hop in. With an additional wireless controller, you can even heat the shower up without budging from your duvet. No matter how small your shower enclosure is, take ultimate control for that full on spa experience.

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Basin size matters

When it comes to choosing a wash basin, size really does matter. The golden rule is to ensure that it is large enough for the largest member of the household to use; largest member equals largest splashes. Choose one too small and those splashes end up on the bathroom floor. With this in mind, choose a square wall-mounted wash basin or a semi-recessed counter basin with a large surface area.

Comfort is key

A small toilet does not have to make you feel cramped or uncomfortable. A back-to-wall toilet is a great choice for the smaller space without sacrificing comfort or efficiency. Why not have a soft close lid and seat for that extra touch of luxury?

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Trick the eye

Play with perception by tiling the side of your bath with the same tile as the wall. This will make it difficult to distinguish where the bath or wall begins – creating the illusion of greater bathroom space. Textured porcelain or light marble tiles are particularly effective and should be bought in large sizes to open up the room.

Free standing bath

If you have an awkwardly shaped ceiling, a freestanding bath will work well beneath the eaves. Although it uses as much space as a regular tub, it will let space flow around it for a visually lighter feel. You can embrace your creative flair and turn it into a focal point by placing the bath against high contrast statement wallpaper or tiling.

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Opt for long lasting design

It is only sensible to fit a new extractor fan to remove all that steam and keep your bathroom nice and dry. Excessive moisture can wreak havoc on bathroom walls by causing paint and wallpaper to peel. More importantly, humidity can cause mold to accumulate and these spores can be difficult to get rid of. To avoid these problems, it is crucial to opt for a functional bathroom exhaust fan. Nothing too heavy duty is needed, just a nice and compact all-rounder from the Xpelair range will do.

Result! A small bathroom big on style and beauty.