Start the New Year with an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

The increasing interest to create awareness of our impact on the environment means we are all trying to find alternative energy and materials which create minimal impact to the ecosystem.

The pressures to ensure our choices in the home and society are eco-friendly seem overwhelming at times. There are however, small changes you can make that will make you feel like an eco-warrior.

There are numerous methods which you can adopt into your new bathroom design which will help provide a positive impact to the environment. Modern developments in home technologies means there’s no need to compromise on style. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation this coming year, be sure to read our guide to help you make the best choices for you and the environment.

Save Money with your Toilet

Choosing the right toilet can contribute significantly to your environmental impact, without compromising on quality.

It's been around for years now, but duel flush technology can provide a great water saving solution. The duel flush comprises of the standard power flush that everyone is familiar with and a second flush. This button is where you can make a difference. It reduces the water you use when flushing by up to 50%. This is perfect for those who are interested in reducing their fresh water use.

You will notice the savings of a duel flush immediately, making you aware of the water required to flush. Many of these products also come with substantial guarantees so you can rest assured of quality and durability.

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Consider a Shallow Bath

If you're choosing a new bathtub for your bathroom renovation, why not consider the alternative shallow bath range.

These bathtubs are designed to aid in reduced water usage for the environmentally conscious homeowner. The shallow design means that it requires a lower volume water capacity. By reducing the amount of water needed to fill the bath you can potentially reduce hot water bills and help the environment.

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Shallow baths offer the opportunity to enjoy a guilt free soak without unnecessary water wastage.

Make your Shower More Efficient

On average, choosing to shower uses less water than filling a bathtub. Many people are now considering wet rooms or walk in showers instead of the traditional bath in the family bathroom.

To make your shower even more efficient, consider installing a low-flow showerhead. These alternative showers can reduce the amount of water you use by 50%. By conserving water in this way, you not only help save the environment but save money too.

If you're looking for luxury, digital showers offer customised showering for the whole family. Easily control your water temperature and flow with accurate readings of your shower settings. Digital showers can help reduce your time spent in the shower too by setting a maximum duration to save water.

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Choose Aerated Taps

Aerated taps are a great solution for saving water. They achieve this by regulating the flow of water within your tap without affecting the water pressure. Aerators mix water with air, acting as a sieve to separate a single flow of water into many tiny streams which introduces air into the flow.

By choosing an aerated tap instead of a regular one, you reduce the water flow, resulting in reduced water usage. There is minimal reduction in water pressure, so there is no need to compromise on performance.

Heat you Bathroom Efficiently

Duel fuel technology is perhaps the best alternative for heating your bathroom independently. It can be highly beneficial for the environment as you don't waste unnecessary energy.

Bathrooms can remain uncommonly cold all year round; therefore using duel fuel technology can offer the ideal solution. By heating your bathroom radiator or towel rail independently from the rest of the home you can reduce your overall energy consumption. Duel fuel offers the ability to heat your towel rail from your mains and central heating so you don't unnecessarily heat the rest of your home.

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