Top Tips for the Perfect His and Hers Bathroom

Not all of us have the means or the space to have separate bathrooms in the home. So we have to make the most of the space we have, even if it means sharing your bathroom with the other half. Here are our top design tips to avoid battles over who has left the lid off the toothpaste...

Seeing Double

Fighting over the sink in the morning? Adding a second basin offers an ideal solution. Make your morning routine more time efficient by cleaning your teeth whilst your partner shaves next to one another with your own personal sinks.

Doubling up on your bathroom furniture doesn't have to stop at the sink though. If you have the space, duplicating your cupboards is the perfect idea to keep each of your toiletries out of each others way.

double basins with pedestals

Divide the Space

Why not just go the whole hog and split the bathroom equally between one another! Create a stylish mirror bathroom with the bath or shower as the neutral ground. This is definitely eradicate any arguments about who's using the wrong razor.

Try Neutral Colours

Make the bathroom a place which both of you can enjoy by choosing a more neutral colour scheme. Avoid garish colours by going for a simple base for the walls and furniture, then add some personality with little accessories that you both like.

Have a Separate Bath and Shower

Sharing a bathroom can be difficult, especially when you have a shower bath which limits you to one user at time. If you have the space, try to separate the bath and shower so the both of you can bathe simultaneously.

So, instead of pushing your design ideas onto the other person and being stuck with a shower rota, consider solutions that will benefit to both of you.

bathroom with bath and shower