Why Have Digital Showers Become So Popular?

Technology is a huge part of our daily lives, so it's no surprise that it has finally found its way into our bathrooms. With greater demand for luxury and convenience, digital showers offer themselves as innovative showering solutions that are set to transform the way we wash.

What is a digital shower?

A digital shower is an advancement on the regular mixer shower. It takes water from your hot and cold supplies and blends these together to achieve your desired temperature. The key difference is that a digital shower talks to the mixer valve digitally and offers precise temperature control to within a degree.

A sleek wireless LCD screen controller replaces the traditional shower mixer bar, and you can use it to set an exact temperature, programme the water flow, and warm up the water at the touch of a button. This way, you can step into the perfect shower every time.

How would a digital shower benefit me?

Digital showers give you ultimate control over your showering experience. They have many programmable functions to suit your lifestyle. These include warm-up modes, clock displays, shower timers, bath-fill settings, eco-settings and multiple shower head options.

Mira Platinum digital showers offer all these features and are fitted with wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. This lets you install the control unit up to 10 metres away from the shower, allowing you to switch it on and get the water piping hot before you step in.

In terms of design, the latest Flipstream TM Technology from Mira allows you to enjoy four to five unique spray patterns by simply flipping your showerhead. Alternatively, a dual outlet model with a rain-drench shower head will put a spring in your step with a shower that feels like gentle rain.

Is a digital shower compatible with my water system?

Digital showers are compatible with all types of heated water system, providing you have a boiler or immersion heater in your home. However, if you want a pumped digital shower, it will depend on the type of water system you have. If you have a gravity-fed system, pumped digital showers will work with this type of system. If you have a pressurised system or combination boiler, you can't install a digital shower with a pump.

Shower brands available at PlumbNation

Digital Showers offer the latest technology and are perfect for a modern shower experience. The inbuilt digital thermostat prevents any nasty temperature spikes and makes digital showers a safe showering option for all family environments.

PlumbNation stock an impressive range of digital showers from a number of world-wide renowned brands. We sell Mira, Aqualisa, Grohe, and Bristan digital showers that all deliver exceptional performance and efficiency.

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