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Walk in Shower or Wet Room: What’s the Difference?

Walk in showers and wet rooms have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. As homeowners seek to create space and luxury in a typically small room, these contemporary showers are the perfect solution. Sleek and simplistic in design, a walk in shower or wet room provides a stylish and unconventional alternative to the traditional bath.

Whether you’re a young professional, elderly or suffer with restricted mobility, these showers offer unrivalled accessibility.

So, if you’re planning a bathroom refit and considering a walk in shower or wet room, read our comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision.

What is the difference?

Walk in showers and wet rooms use glass panels and don’t have a door unlike a traditional shower enclosure. Instead, a singular glass panel separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom.

Wet rooms and walk in showers both provide a great alternative to the simple bath tub as they offer accessibility and style. Both designs will help create a statement in a bathroom or en-suite.

The main difference between a wet room and a walk in shower is pretty simple. Wet rooms are a space which is typically entirely open plan. The floor is altered to allow the water to flow away through a drain on the floor. Wet rooms can also feature a shower screen to reduce spray in the bathroom. Walk in showers differ simply because of the inclusion of a low profile shower tray and typically one or two glass screens.

Costs vary depending on your needs, so consider carefully which is most cost effective for you to install.

Walk in Showers

This style of shower is a the perfect solution for those lacking the budget to alter the bathroom floor like a wet room. Featuring no door and a low profile shower tray, you can simply walk in without any obstacles.

Walk in showers offer you the chance to create the look and feel of a wet room, without the extensive cost. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, walk in showers give the bathroom a modern, seamless atmosphere, while providing a practical shower solution. They can be fitted in a recess so there’s just a single glass panel on show.


Ideal for small bathrooms or en-suites - Installing a walk in shower helps create space and offers more flexibility for layout.

Accessibility - Having no door or obstacles to step over, walk in showers are perfect for those with limited mobility. You can also create ample showering space compared to traditional shower enclosures, which makes them ideal for the entire family.

Luxury selling point - Thinking of eventually selling your home? The walk in shower offers minimalist design, creating a luxury designer appeal for buyers.

Low maintenance and durable - The minimal fittings and no moving attachments means a walk in shower is a robust showering solution. Compared to traditional shower enclosures, the maintenance is also very minimal.

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Wet rooms

The wet room is designed to be completely open and the shower floor is flush to the rest of the bathroom. However, the showering area utilises a slight gradient to allow water to flow towards the direction of the drain. Wet rooms need to be completely sealed with waterproof underlay to prevent leaking. Therefore, this style of shower requires fitting by a professional.


Simple Access - Wet rooms offer great accessibility for both the elderly and disabled. Access for showering is easy as there is not step or raised lip to step over.

Luxurious - Offering a contemporary and stylish option for the family bathroom, wet rooms exude luxury. Wet rooms can positively impacting the value of your property when installed in an en-suite or second bathroom.

Small bathroom friendly - Installing a wet room in a small bathroom is the ideal solution to create the illusion of space.

Low maintenance - Easy to clean and super stylish. What more could you want in a busy household?

Neutral wet room tiles Matt Cant

Wet rooms and walk in showers offer a great alternative to the traditional bathroom layout. Consider budget and dimensions, and the right type of shower when planning a shower installation of these styles.