Bathroom Sinks & Basins - The Definitive Guide


At PlumbNation, our many types of bathroom sinks and basins will give your bathroom space a focal point that will truly reflect your style and decor ideas. Whether it is pedestal basins, vessel basins, or vanity basins, we are determined to provide you with everything you may need for your bathroom makeover.

Finding bathroom basics for your guest bathroom, en-suite, or home bathroom will be easier when you come to PlumbNation.

The different types of bathroom basins

Full pedestal basins

Full pedestal basins deliver the more traditional style of bathroom sinks. It combines the sink bowl and the pedestal, which is essentially used to hide the plumbing and create a full structure. The stand is mounted to the floor, and the sink is mounted to the wall. A pedestal sink will add a polished look to any bathroom.

Pros -

  • This classic design has been around for a long time and is readily available
  • They do not take up a lot of space
  • They are perfect for smaller bathrooms
  • Pedestal basins are easy to maintain

Cons -

  • It provides no storage space as it is only a basin
  • A plumber will be required to install it
  • It is a more expensive basin style

Semi pedestal basins

Semi pedestal basins are similar to the full pedestal; the major difference is that the pedestal is not mounted to the floor but is half the length and mounted to the wall, allowing more floor space in your bathroom. This is the perfect choice for a small, modern bathroom.

Pros -

  • It provides more floor space in your bathroom
  • It fits nicely in a small bathroom
  • They do not take up a lot of space as it is essentially just a basin
  • They are made of high-quality ceramics

Cons -

  • They do not provide storage space as it is not attached to a vanity unit
  • They do not provide much counter space as it is just a basin
  • A plumber is required to install it

Wall hung basins

Replacing the traditional pedestal basin, wall-hung basins do not have a pedestal and are only a wall-mounted basin. This basin type fully optimises your bathroom in terms of space and allows you to create more room for storage space.

Pros -

  • It optimises space in the bathroom
  • It is a cheaper option
  • They are a stylish option for your bathroom
  • It will save you money in the long run as it eliminates the hassle of wear and tear of a vanity

Cons -

  • They can be challenging to install
  • The basin provides no storage space
  • Your plumbing arrangement will be limited as it allows for no coverage

Countertop basins

Countertop basins can be moulded into virtually any shape to suit your bathroom layout and style. Also known as a vessel sink, it is a versatile option for any bathroom and is the perfect option if you are looking for a more contemporary style.

Pros -

  • It is a popular option and widely available
  • They are a versatile option
  • They are a stylish option
  • They are changeable and can be swapped out for a different one

Cons -

  • It is prone to splashing
  • With it being very visible, it requires cleaning often


A washbasin is used to wash either your hands or face. It can come in many different types and be called a sink.

Pros -

  • A washbasin is versatile and is available in many types
  • It is available in any style and can range from traditional to modern
  • There are many options for how it can be mounted

Cons -

  • You have to find the right style for your bathroom
  • It needs to be installed by a professional

Corner basins

A corner basin is fitted into the corner of the wall and can be both a wall-mounted sink and a console sink. This bathroom sink is perfect for a smaller bathroom with little floor space.

Pros -

  • They work well for small bathrooms
  • They create more space on the floor

Cons -

  • It has little to no surface space
  • It does not lend itself to cabinet space

Semi-recessed basins

Semi recessed basins are made of the same materials as the countertops and create a continuous flow of materials for the surface space, making it visually appealing in any bathroom. Different from a fully recessed basin, this is only slightly sunken in.

Pros -

  • It creates a cohesive aesthetic
  • It allows for larger surface space
  • It is versatile and can be made of any material
  • It can be tailored to any budget as it can be made from any material

Cons -

  • It being slightly sunken means that it is prone to splashing
  • It is challenging to install

In-countertop basins

An in-countertop basin is in between a countertop and under a countertop basin. It has the bottom of the basin on the countertop while the top of the basin is on top of the countertop.

Pros -

  • Allows for more surface space
  • Allows for more storage space

Cons -

  • Prone to splashing
  • It can only be used with a strong surface

Under countertop basin

They are below the countertop and are a popular option for family bathrooms.

Pros -

  • Spillage on the counter can be wiped into the basin
  • It is a stylish option

Cons -

  • It is an expensive option
  • It can only be used with a strong surface

Vanity units

A vanity unit is both the sink and the cabinet together - a very common type of bathroom sink. The vanity cabinet is there for storage and is installed under most bathroom sinks.

Pros -

  • It has plenty of storage space
  • It has plenty of counter space
  • The cabinet hides the plumbing

Cons -

  • It is challenging to install
  • Mostly suitable for large bathrooms
  • It creates less floor space

Floor standing basin

A floor-standing basin is a complete basin structure mounted to the floor. The structure comprises the same material as the basin from top to bottom.

Pros -

  • It is perfect for smaller bathrooms
  • They can be made from a variety of materials

Cons -

  • It is fully exposed and may be prone to damage or stains
  • It will need to be installed by a professional

What are the best materials for a bathroom sink?

Washbasin Modern Bathroom

Metal finishes

Sinks with metal finishes are popular in kitchens and are becoming popular types of bathroom sinks. They are rust-resistant, easy to clean and add an industrial-style element to any space. It is a great choice for the bathroom as they are resistant to bacteria and germs.

Solid surface

Made by mixing a mineral compound with epoxy, polyester resin, or acrylic, this basin material is very durable and robust. Solid surface types of bathroom sinks are high maintenance and must be well looked after to avoid lasting impressions of any stain or mess.


Under the umbrella of ceramics, we also have vitreous china and porcelain. They are easy to clean, strong and resistant. They are probably the most common bathroom sinks and are quite durable, with many lasting for 50 to 100 years.

Which bathroom sinks are in style?

Undermount sinks should fit seamlessly with the countertop making it a sleek and modern bathroom sink. They lend themselves to plenty of storage and make the vanity stand out.

Vessel or countertop sinks are in style as they are the most versatile type of bathroom sink. The sink can be made from almost any material, truly making them the bathroom's focal point.

Wall-mounted sinks create space and are perfect for any size bathroom. They are compatible with any aesthetic, lending themselves to traditional and modern styles.

Console sinks are wall-mounted with two or four legs supporting the sink. And are considered one of the most stylish bathroom sinks. With this style, the space under the sink is usually empty, making the legs more eye-catching.

Semi-recessed sinks are considered stylish as they are unique among the various bathroom sink types. The sink is made of the same material as the countertop, creating a cohesive look in the bathroom.

How to choose the right bathroom basin for you

  • Create a budget and find the bathroom sink types within your budget.
  • Identify whether you have a small bathroom with minimum space or a big bathroom with maximum space.
  • Do you want it to be the focal point, or do you want it to blend into the rest of the decor?
  • Establish whether you want it to lend itself to create storage by adding a vanity cabinet to it or space by letting it stand alone.
  • Decide on what sink material will best suit your budget and style.
  • Think about the types of fixtures that will match. Such as whether the sink takes two faucets or one.
  • Think about the installation process and if it is possible to install it yourself or if you will need someone to install it for you.
  • Pick the bathroom sink that you love!

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