Celebrity Bathrooms

Of all the rooms in a house, your bathroom is arguably one of the most important. With the majority of people using theirs on a daily basis, we think it is important that your bathroom looks the part, and it seems we aren't the only ones!

Social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest have become a hot spot for people showing off their extravagant loos, evidenced by the 12.7 million Instagram posts with #bathroom in the caption. From this, it is clear that celebrities love sharing their bathrooms with the world - but who is the most influential?

Looking at a range of factors, including the most popular celebrity home accounts and celebrity bathroom features, the team here at PlumbNation have the low-down on everything you need to know about luxury bathrooms.

The Most Successful Celebrity Home Instagram Accounts

The most successful celebrity home instagram accounts

Using a selection of listicles, we found the most popular UK-based celebrity home accounts. Below are the top 10 of these accounts based on their total number of followers and average earnings for home-related content.

Whilst Stacey Solomon may not have a dedicated home account, she is known for posting everything home related, including her son's dinosaur-inspired bathroom, which has helped her garner an incredible 5,520,000 followers on Instagram. With the most followers of all the celebrity accounts on this list, it is no surprise that she also has the highest average earning per post of £55,758.

As well as photographs she also posts short videos, or Instagram reels, which have included DIY projects and room tours. Among the room tours, she has shared her family bathroom, described by Stacey as a 'mermaid bathroom', which boasts a gold/white colour scheme, and shell-shaped sinks.

Ranking second in this list, with a total of 4,650,000 Instagram followers, is @mrshinchhome which is an account dedicated to showcasing the Hinch family's beautiful farmhouse. One look at Mrs Hinch's Instagram page and it is clear why she is so popular!

With posts ranging from family updates (including their three pet alpacas) to house renovations, her wholesome content makes viewers instantly feel like part of the family. The popularity of her home account has enabled her to earn a living, with potential figures of up to £44,969 per post.

Completing this top three of the most successful celebrity home accounts is @mollymaison, which is run by Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury. After finding fame as the runners-up on the fifth series of Love Island, this couple has amassed a large online audience, including 1,200,000 followers on their home account.

A common theme among their recent posts is baby-related content, including a reel showcasing their newborn baby's adorable wardrobe which has amassed over 3,800,000 views on Instagram. With views like this, it is no surprise that this account has an estimated earning of £21,500 per reel!

The Most Popular Celebrity Home Instagram Accounts

The most popular celebrity home instagram accounts

Follower count is one way of showing which influencers have captured the attention of viewers, but it doesn't always tell the whole story. Because of this, we have also looked at the engagement rate of each celebrity home account to see which pages have the highest follower-to-engagement ratio.

Taking the top spot with an engagement rate of 27.86% is @chezgrez, a London-based home account run by author and social media influencer, Grace Beverly. Despite having the lowest number of average likes of all the accounts in this top three list, Grace does have the highest level of engagement in relation to her follower count.

The positive relationship between Grace and her followers is evident through the endless stream of supportive comments which has landed her an average of 23,000 likes per post. In addition to this, it appears that her bathrooms are a hit with fans as the most liked bathroom post on her home account has over 500 more likes than her average!

With an engagement rate of 12.80% and 143,000 average likes per post, @mollymaison ranks in second place on this list. The most popular bathroom post on this account shows a close-up of their marble-walled shower and an insight into their shower products - this has garnered over 120,000 likes.

The captions on this home account feel like a conversation between Molly-Mae and her followers, including Molly sharing details about her pregnancy cravings and asking if anyone can relate. This makes us all feel like part of the family, and we can't wait to see what is next for their home!

Completing this top three is the celebrity home account, @saffronbarkerhome. As suggested by the name, this page is run by Saffron Barker who is best known as an online influencer but has also made some TV appearances, including Strictly Come Dancing in 2019.

Since announcing the purchase of her first home back in 2021 she has been documenting her renovation journey and her fans have been extremely supportive - evidenced by her third-place entry on this list. Some of the content that has provided the backbone to this 12.26% engagement rate is the 3D designs of her bathroom, as well as room tours showcasing the final product of these designs.

The Most Popular Celebrity Bathroom Trends in the UK

The most popular celebrity bathroom trends in the UK

In addition to looking at which celebrity home accounts people have been loving, we also wanted to find out which bathroom features are currently the most popular in and around the UK. We looked at some Instagram posts to find what features are common in celebrity bathrooms, and below is a list of those with the most annual Google searches.

  • 'Wicker basket' - 352,800 Google searches

With a total of 352,800 annual Google searches and therefore taking the top spot, is the 'wicker basket'. From holding firewood to housing plants, wicker baskets can be found in homes for a whole host of reasons. The versatility of wicker baskets means that they can be placed in almost any room without looking out of place - and the bathroom is no exception!

The Milen-Gordon home account on Instagram boasts a dark wooden wicker basket in one of their bathrooms which has been pictured holding some white towels. Similarly, the @crosbymanor home account is also a fan of wicker baskets in the bathroom, but alongside a towel-dedicated basket, they also have one that houses a plant.

Falling just shy of the top spot with a total of 220,400 searches is the term 'freestanding bathtub'. You may be surprised to hear that bathtubs can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Having said this, the style of bathtub that is currently trending is those that are positioned away from walls. Since celebrity bathrooms are often larger than the average bedroom, freestanding tubs are perfect for anyone trying to make a statement.

@lydiabrightshome has shared images of their white, oblong-shaped tub which some would consider fairly traditional. However, other celebrities have strayed away from conventionality and pushed the boat out when it comes to their baths, including Kendall Jenner's gold metallic tub.

  • 'Plant bathroom' - 136,900 Google searches

Completing this top three list of the most popular celebrity bathroom trends are plants, with the term 'plant bathroom' garnering 136,900 Google searches across the UK over the last year. Natural and artificial plants are both equally as popular, with some people favouring real plants for their health benefits and others preferring the low-maintenance aspect of fake plants.

Just like the other two entries in this top three, plants are extremely versatile and can be adapted to fit the theme of most bathrooms. A selection of small artificial plants has been pictured in the bathroom of the celebrity account @homewiththeosbornes. On the other end of the scale is the @thecrosbymanor who have opted for a much more prominent plant element in their bathroom in the form of large, natural plants surrounding the bathtub.

Luxury Bathroom Tips

From looking on Instagram at the accounts with influential and trending bathrooms, it appears that there are some common themes when it comes to celebrity bathrooms. As a result of this, we have put together a list of top tips for anyone wanting to create their own luxury bathroom.

Create an elegant feel with a gold and marble theme

Create an elegant feel with a gold and marble theme

If you're contemplating the colour scheme of your brand new bathroom then look no further!

The gold and marble theme is perfect no matter what you want to achieve. If you are after a subtle look then you could take inspiration from the likes of @saffronbarkerhome whose bathroom boasts an understated style of marble that uncovers new details the more you look at it. On the other hand, if you're looking to make more of a statement with your bathroom then you can up the ante with more gold features.

Add some individuality using framed pictures

Add some individuality using framed pictures

Using pictures to spice up a room isn't a revolutionary idea, but often people overlook this form of embellishment when it comes to the bathroom. Pictures are so versatile in the sense that you can tailor them to any style/ theme you need. In addition to this, they are easy to adapt if you want to rejig or if you get bored of your current bathroom space.

Celebrity home accounts are a good place to look if you're interested in adding some framed photos to your bathroom but need some inspiration. Some examples include @millengordonhome who has shared images of monochrome plant pictures in their washroom, or the framed quote that can be seen in the bathroom of @homewithaj.

Save space by incorporating a recessed wall shelf

Save space by incorporating a recessed wall shelf

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing side of bathrooms, some design elements can also have practical uses. The addition of a storage space within one of the walls of your bathroom can save space elsewhere and provide your bathroom with a less cluttered-looking feel. Although this feature seems more suitable for smaller bathrooms, it appears that a lot of celebrities who boast larger than average-sized bathrooms are jumping on the bandwagon.

Upscale your sink with a counter top basin

Upscale your sink with a counter top basin

Another feature that has become synonymous with high-end bathroom spaces is counter top basins. They can be designed in a range of shapes and sizes which allows them to act more as a stand-out bathroom feature than an essential element. This is often sought after when it comes to luxury bathrooms as it gives the owner a chance to make a statement. The two most common styles of counter top basins are circular and rectangular, with the former style being a popular choice in contemporary bathroom spaces.


We used a range of listicles to make an inventory of well-known celebrity home accounts that were all based in the UK. Any accounts that did not have any bathroom content were removed leaving us with a total of 17 celebrity home Instagram pages.

We used Instagram Money Calculator to find the average number of likes per post, the average earning of a post, story, and reel, as well as the engagement rate for each celebrity account.

We used Instagram to determine the most recent follower count (as of January 2023) and the most liked post that featured a bathroom for each celebrity's home page.

Using the common features of the celebrity home accounts, as well as taking inspiration from some listicles, we developed a range of celebrity bathroom trends. We then used Google Keyword Planner to add up the total number of searches for each bathroom-related term over the last twelve months in the UK. By seeing which bathroom trends have had the most Google searches, we were able to rank the trends in terms of popularity in the UK.